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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the men decide to do after seeing the poster?
(a) Get deloused and find some clean clothes.
(b) Destroy the picture of the girl.
(c) Go to town and find prostitutes.
(d) Sleep, because they are depressed.

2. What gives the men terrible bowel troubles?
(a) The pigs.
(b) The constant shelling.
(c) The rotten vegetables.
(d) The potato-cakes.

3. What does Detering collect from a tree?
(a) Cherry blossoms.
(b) Avocados.
(c) Pears.
(d) Bare branches.

4. What exasperates the men more than the front line?
(a) Full-dress parades.
(b) The rear-area.
(c) The food.
(d) Their commanding officers.

5. Why was Paul glad when he died?
(a) The war would soon end.
(b) He liked pain.
(c) The end had finally come.
(d) He was going to rejoin his friends.

6. What is known about Paul's death?
(a) He killed himself.
(b) He died heroically.
(c) He cried and begged until the bitter end.
(d) He did not suffer long.

7. What does Kat say is good for loose bowels?
(a) Medicine.
(b) Chocolate.
(c) Combat.
(d) Coffee.

8. Other than their legs, what does the men's new duty allow them to stretch?
(a) Their skin.
(b) Barbed wire.
(c) Their patience.
(d) Their souls.

9. What did everyone in the world say "yes" to?
(a) Less power for the Kaiser.
(b) The war.
(c) More rations.
(d) The payment of war reparations from Germany.

10. What did the man that Baumer kills do for a living?
(a) Postman.
(b) Printer.
(c) Farmer.
(d) Teacher.

11. Where was Paul sitting all day?
(a) On a cart.
(b) In a garden.
(c) In the trenches.
(d) In the dug-out.

12. How was Müller killed?
(a) He steps on a mine.
(b) He is obliterated by artillery.
(c) His is nailed in the head by a sniper.
(d) He is shot in the stomach.

13. What are the only things that Baumer can talk about with his family before he leaves?
(a) His mother's illness and some soldier's jokes.
(b) The weather and some soldier's jokes.
(c) How wonderful it was to be home and some soldier's jokes.
(d) How strange it was to be back home, and some soldier's jokes.

14. How many days leave does Baumer get in total?
(a) Twenty.
(b) One week.
(c) Fourteen.
(d) Seventeen.

15. How many reinforcements does the company need?
(a) Over a hundred.
(b) Dozens.
(c) At least eighty.
(d) More than the Kaiser can supply.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Paul when he is in the shell-holes?

2. What do eight of the men have to guard in particular?

3. What type of license allows a man to do what he wants?

4. Where do the men think they will be going?

5. What part of the war are the men particularly angry about?

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