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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is on the poster that the men are so fascinated about?
(a) A girl in a summer dress.
(b) A list of casualties from the most recent attack.
(c) News from the front.
(d) An advertisement for a film.

2. What does Kropp have at home?
(a) Nothing.
(b) An expensive tie.
(c) White trousers.
(d) Dress shoes.

3. Why does Paul want to let the months and years come?
(a) He wants to do some more fighting.
(b) He feels happy because of the possibility of peace.
(c) He is optimistic about the future.
(d) He has nothing more they can take from him.

4. Why does Paul have two weeks off?
(a) He escaped from the military.
(b) He showed bravery in a recent offensive.
(c) He swallowed some gas.
(d) He was given sanity leave.

5. What do the men use to cool their machine-gun when they run out of water?
(a) Spit.
(b) Blood.
(c) Urine.
(d) Clay.

6. What part of 1918 is the bloodiest yet?
(a) Autumn.
(b) Spring.
(c) Winter.
(d) Summer.

7. What are the only things that Baumer can talk about with his family before he leaves?
(a) His mother's illness and some soldier's jokes.
(b) The weather and some soldier's jokes.
(c) How wonderful it was to be home and some soldier's jokes.
(d) How strange it was to be back home, and some soldier's jokes.

8. What do the men find to eat?
(a) Eggs, pickles, and sauerkraut.
(b) Eggs, pigs, and butter.
(c) Bread, sausage, and bacon.
(d) Eggs, chickens, and corn.

9. What gives the men terrible bowel troubles?
(a) The constant shelling.
(b) The potato-cakes.
(c) The rotten vegetables.
(d) The pigs.

10. What did Detering try to do?
(a) Escape and go home.
(b) Steal Paul's bread.
(c) Run away to Holland.
(d) Kill Himmelstoss and himself.

11. What is wrong with Paul's mother?
(a) She has cancer.
(b) She is angry that Paul did not bring more food.
(c) She cannot remember her son.
(d) She has gone insane.

12. Who is the last survivor of the original group?
(a) Paul.
(b) Müller.
(c) Kropp.
(d) Katczinsky.

13. What is missing from the naked soldier sitting in the tree, other than his clothes?
(a) His head.
(b) His arms.
(c) His legs.
(d) His helmet.

14. What will the generation that grows up after Paul's do with his generation?
(a) Send them to prison.
(b) Use them as cheap labor.
(c) Push them aside.
(d) Give them support.

15. What happens on a foggy morning at the training camp?
(a) Baumer's mother dies.
(b) One of the Russians is buried.
(c) One of the Territorials shoots a prisoner.
(d) Paul gets word that Kantorek has been killed at the front.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes seven?

2. What must the men do with their new uniforms?

3. Why does Baumer go out on patrol?

4. What type of license allows a man to do what he wants?

5. What will Baumer's mother undergo for her cancer?

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