All Quiet on the Western Front Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Readers are introduced to Paul Baumer, the narrator and main character.

• The men receive a double-ration due to the casualties their unit recently suffered.

• The characters discuss their opinions on the war and the war effort.

• Many characters are introduced, including one with a wounded leg named Kemmerich.

Chapter 2

• The narration flashes back to Paul's childhood.

• Müller lays claim to Kemmerich's boots.

• Readers learn of the men's training at the hands of their vicious platoon leader, Himmelstoss.

• Kemmerich dies, and his boots are given to Müller.

Chapter 3

• Reinforcements arrive at the men's barracks.

• Readers learn of Katczinsky's resourceful nature and his ability to find food.

• The men discuss why people become so horrible in the military, especially as officers.

• The men learn that Himmelstoss is going to join them at the front.

Chapter 4

• While laying down some barbed wire, the men are attacked by artillery...

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