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Short Answer Questions

1. What item can Lydia not figure out when she enters in Act 1?

2. How many P-40s are supposed to have crashed as a result of Joe Keller's factory?

3. According to Kate, what does Joe Keller do when he is worried?

4. What occupation did Susie have?

5. How long will it be until Steve Deever is free?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Joe defend himself to Chris regarding the money he made?

2. Why does Joe lash out at Ann?

3. In this section of Act 1, what deal do Joe and Chris strike regarding Chris's staying with the family business?

4. Why is Kate annoyed at Joe when she comes out of the house?

5. What plans does Joe Keller make for the evening?

6. What is Steve Deever's side of the cylinder head story?

7. What is Chris's plan now that he knows the truth about his family?

8. Why does Joe take his own life?

9. Describe the story that Jim tells about the year he left his family.

10. Why is Frank Lubey drawing up a horoscope?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Arthur Miller is known for his assertion that the everyday carries with it the seeds of drama. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the first act of All My Sons. Write an essay examining the small talk of this act and the revelations about the neighbors that come later, citing three specific examples of each.

Essay Topic 2

Chris Keller is presented throughout the play as a mingling of strength and weakness. Write an essay on the topic of what hardships Chris can withstand and what seemingly small issues cripple him and drive him to tears. Why is Chris this way?

Essay Topic 3

Joe Keller is a tragic figure because he wants to achieve one thing and succeeds in achieving its opposite. Write an essay on this topic, examining his intentions and what they ultimately yield. Cite specific examples from the text to corroborate your points. Is failing to get what you want always a tragic thing?

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