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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What belonging of Larry's has Kate recently found?
(a) His bible
(b) His baseball glove
(c) His Sunday suit
(d) His purple heart

2. What does Joe Keller promise at the end of the act?
(a) Never to rename the business
(b) To convince Kate to approve his marriage
(c) To check in on Steve Deever
(d) To stay out of his life

3. What was Chris' nickname in the war?
(a) Mother McKeller
(b) Lil' Chris Lug-Nut
(c) Chris McGuts
(d) Pee-wee Keller

4. According to Sue, a person can never owe someone money without what?
(a) Resenting them
(b) Worrying about it
(c) Hating himself
(d) Other people knowing

5. What object is Frank Lubey carrying when he talks to Ann in Act 1?
(a) A sack of potatoes
(b) A wheelbarrow
(c) A ladder
(d) A potted plant

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrived in town yesterday to stay with the Kellers?

2. What is the current name of Joe Keller's business?

3. What is reported in the paper once a month, according to Joe Keller?

4. Why did Joe Keller throw out a sack of potatoes?

5. How did George travel from New York to Columbus?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does George describe his father?

2. Why does Kate have to believe that Larry is still alive?

3. What promise does Joe make Chris regarding Ann and why?

4. What did Joe think would happen after the faulty cylinder heads went out?

5. What plans does Joe Keller make for the evening?

6. Why is Joe asleep at the beginning of Act 2?

7. How does Joe defend himself to Chris regarding the money he made?

8. Explain Joe Keller's logic for Steve Deever's "mistake" at the factory.

9. What is the thrust of Chris's final argument to his father?

10. Why does Joe lash out at Ann?

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