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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What noise sends the whole neighborhood into panic at the end of the play?
(a) A scream
(b) A thunderclap
(c) A crash
(d) A shot

2. What animal does Chris say this town is full of?
(a) Wolves
(b) Dogs
(c) Snakes
(d) Chickens

3. What does Kate force upon George?
(a) A sandwich
(b) An apology
(c) A kiss on the cheek
(d) A glass of juice

4. According to his character description, how does George generally speak?
(a) Harshly
(b) Quietly
(c) Melodically
(d) Curtly

5. According to Jim, what is the star that every man has?
(a) His family
(b) His name
(c) His honesty
(d) His honor

6. What do people say Chris was in the war?
(a) A leader
(b) A pacifist
(c) A coward
(d) A killer

7. When was the last time Joe Keller was sick, according to Kate?
(a) Five years ago
(b) Fifteen years ago
(c) Never
(d) Last year

8. How old is Joe Keller?
(a) 70
(b) 54
(c) 61
(d) 49

9. What has Kate done for Ann when the driver arrives?
(a) Given her some traveling money
(b) Made her a snack
(c) Done her hair up
(d) Packed her bag

10. Who does George want to contact to corroborate his story?
(a) Steve Deever
(b) Kate Keller
(c) Steve's defence attorney
(d) Joe Keller

11. What is the significance of George's hat?
(a) It is Steve's
(b) It hides his eyes
(c) He bought it during the war
(d) He is balding

12. According to Ann, what did George do before she left?
(a) Kiss her goodbye
(b) Not say a word
(c) Help her with her bags
(d) Curse her

13. What advice did Kate give George before he left for the war?
(a) Stay at the back of the charge
(b) Don't try for any medals
(c) Come back in one piece
(d) Always keep a bible close

14. What time is it at the beginning of Act 3?
(a) Four o'clock
(b) Ten o'clock
(c) Two o'clock
(d) Midnight

15. What is Joe Keller wearing when he comes out of the house in Act 3?
(a) His work suit
(b) His robe
(c) His dressing gown
(d) His golf outfit

Short Answer Questions

1. What particular item is George disgusted that he never sent his father?

2. What does Joe Keller call himself as he rails about the money he made for Chris?

3. Where does Chris intend to move?

4. How did Joe find out about the plane crashes?

5. What is the first thing that Ann notices about Chris when he enters in Act 3?

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