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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Kate done for Ann when the driver arrives?
(a) Done her hair up
(b) Packed her bag
(c) Made her a snack
(d) Given her some traveling money

2. To Kate, what does Larry's being dead mean?
(a) The war was meaningless
(b) Joe killed him
(c) There is no God
(d) Only one of her sons deserved to live

3. What does Ann tell George before he leaves?
(a) She tells him to stay
(b) She tells him to go
(c) She tells him she hates him
(d) She tells him she loves him

4. According to Jim, what is the star that every man has?
(a) His honor
(b) His honesty
(c) His name
(d) His family

5. According to Ann, where did Larry's plane crash?
(a) Japan
(b) New Zealand
(c) Australia
(d) China

6. What is the first thing that Ann notices about Chris when he enters in Act 3?
(a) His dirty shirt
(b) His perspiration
(c) His red cheeks
(d) His shaking hands

7. According to Joe, what happens to Chris if you overcharge someone two cents?
(a) He calls the cops
(b) His eyes bug out
(c) He faints
(d) His hair falls out

8. What did Joe expect to happen to the bad cylinder heads?
(a) He thought they would get lost in transit
(b) He thought the army would catch them
(c) He thought the war would end before they were used
(d) He thought the welding would hold

9. Who are the only people, according to Chris, who are not practical in the world?
(a) Those who are dead
(b) Those who believe in God
(c) Those who love someone
(d) Those who are destitute

10. According to Frank, why could Larry not have died on November 25th?
(a) No casualties were reported in his unit that day
(b) It was his favorable day
(c) He sent Frank a letter dated December 12
(d) He did not fly a mission that day

11. What does Kate Keller tell George Deever he needs to stop being?
(a) A coward
(b) A philosopher
(c) A soldier
(d) A lawyer

12. Where is Ann at the beginning of Act 3?
(a) In her room
(b) Wandering the neighborhood
(c) In the kitchen
(d) In the backyard

13. What point about the people that worked for the war does Joe desperately make in this section?
(a) They all had a responsibility to the soldiers
(b) No one worked for free
(c) They were all on the same side
(d) No one but the soldiers did any of the fighting

14. When does George plan to leave with Ann?
(a) The next morning
(b) Immediately
(c) That evening
(d) In a couple of days

15. What does Jim say he sees in George's eyes?
(a) Tears
(b) Rage
(c) Blood
(d) Tenderness

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Chris intend to move?

2. What happens to big men who make mistakes, according to Joe?

3. How long has Joe put into the company?

4. In what state is George at the end of the day?

5. What happened to the neighborhood the day George was born?

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