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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Ann say is the only person who can tell her to leave the house?
(a) Joe
(b) Chris
(c) George
(d) Kate

2. What do people say Chris was in the war?
(a) A coward
(b) A pacifist
(c) A leader
(d) A killer

3. What has Kate done for Ann when the driver arrives?
(a) Done her hair up
(b) Packed her bag
(c) Given her some traveling money
(d) Made her a snack

4. According to Frank, why could Larry not have died on November 25th?
(a) It was his favorable day
(b) He sent Frank a letter dated December 12
(c) He did not fly a mission that day
(d) No casualties were reported in his unit that day

5. How far ahead of the draft was Frank Lubey?
(a) Two years
(b) One year
(c) Three years
(d) Six months

6. Where does Chris intend to move?
(a) Cincinnati
(b) Cleveland
(c) Louisville
(d) St. Louis

7. What does Chris mockingly call George in this scene?
(a) The white knight
(b) The avenging warrior
(c) The voice of God
(d) The hand of fate

8. What is the first thing that Kate Keller notices about George when she enters the scene?
(a) His height
(b) His nice suit
(c) His gray hair
(d) His dirty shirt

9. What does Frank Lubey have with him when he arrives in the neighbor's yard in this scene?
(a) A bottle of wine
(b) The horoscope
(c) His ladder
(d) A hat

10. According to Ann, what did George do before she left?
(a) Kiss her goodbye
(b) Help her with her bags
(c) Not say a word
(d) Curse her

11. How does George describe his father to Ann?
(a) Defeated
(b) Expansive
(c) Angry
(d) Smaller

12. Who informed Steve Deever that the cylinder heads were cracked?
(a) Joe Keller
(b) One of his part-time employees
(c) The night foreman
(d) His assistant manager

13. What skill did Steve Deever never learn in all the time Joe knew him?
(a) Making cylinder heads
(b) Taking blame
(c) Delegating responsibility
(d) Being assertive

14. What point about the people that worked for the war does Joe desperately make in this section?
(a) No one but the soldiers did any of the fighting
(b) No one worked for free
(c) They were all on the same side
(d) They all had a responsibility to the soldiers

15. What did Joe expect to happen to the bad cylinder heads?
(a) He thought they would get lost in transit
(b) He thought the welding would hold
(c) He thought the army would catch them
(d) He thought the war would end before they were used

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has Joe put into the company?

2. What could Chris never do, according to Jim?

3. Where does Joe Keller indicate he intends to go?

4. Who does Chris say he would have gone to see if he had known of his father's culpability in the scandal?

5. How did Joe find out about the plane crashes?

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