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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Frank, what did the greatest men who ever lived believe in?
(a) God
(b) Fate
(c) The stars
(d) Physiogamy

2. To Kate, what does Larry's being dead mean?
(a) Joe killed him
(b) Only one of her sons deserved to live
(c) The war was meaningless
(d) There is no God

3. Who reads Larry's letter to the family?
(a) Joe
(b) Chris
(c) Ann
(d) Kate

4. What happened to the neighborhood the day George was born?
(a) The water went out
(b) A house caught fire
(c) Steve Deever crashed his car
(d) It rained all day

5. For what did Joe Keller check every day before leaving the factory?
(a) Employees asleep in the break room
(b) Strange noises in the machine motors
(c) Lights left on
(d) Trash needing to be tossed

6. According to Ann, what part of George is filthy?
(a) His hat
(b) His hands
(c) His collar
(d) His shoes

7. Where does Chris intend to move?
(a) Cincinnati
(b) Cleveland
(c) St. Louis
(d) Louisville

8. What happens to big men who make mistakes, according to Joe?
(a) They don't get elected president
(b) The are executed
(c) They become ambassadors
(d) They get a nice pension

9. What animal does Chris say this town is full of?
(a) Dogs
(b) Chickens
(c) Snakes
(d) Wolves

10. According to Ann, what did George do before she left?
(a) Not say a word
(b) Kiss her goodbye
(c) Help her with her bags
(d) Curse her

11. When does George plan to leave with Ann?
(a) In a couple of days
(b) That evening
(c) Immediately
(d) The next morning

12. Where does Chris leave the car that he drove around?
(a) In the street
(b) At the park
(c) In the front lawn of the Kellers' house
(d) In the Kellers' garage

13. What caveat does Chris give George about staying?
(a) No drinking
(b) No talk of his father
(c) No sleeping in Larry's room
(d) No arguments

14. At what age does Joe claim he was "put out" to work?
(a) Eighteen
(b) Six
(c) Ten
(d) Fifteen

15. What does Larry say he would do to Joe if they were in the same room?
(a) Forgive him
(b) Kill him
(c) Hug him
(d) Punch him

Short Answer Questions

1. By what does Kate grab Ann while they argue about Larry's death?

2. What time is it at the beginning of Act 3?

3. How old is Joe Keller?

4. To what food does Jim compare his patients?

5. Until when does Chris forbid any talk of Larry returning?

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