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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Sue, what is Jim turning Chris into?
(a) A statue
(b) A son
(c) A golfing buddy
(d) A protege

2. Which of the following is not something Joe lists as being something people must do with Steve Deever to show them he is not a murderer?
(a) Talk with him
(b) Play cards with him
(c) Pray with him
(d) Smile with him

3. What belonging of Larry's has Kate recently found?
(a) His bible
(b) His purple heart
(c) His baseball glove
(d) His Sunday suit

4. Why does Jim have to leave Joe Keller's yard at the beginning of the first act?
(a) He has to work on this roof
(b) His wife cannot work the toaster
(c) He has to see Mr. Hubbard
(d) Mrs. Adams calls him

5. Where has a long-lost American soldier recently turned up, according to Kate?
(a) Mexico
(b) Burma
(c) Portugal
(d) India

6. What section of the paper is Chris always reading?
(a) The obituaries
(b) The movie times
(c) The stocks
(d) The book section

7. How many times has Annie been married?
(a) Three times
(b) One time
(c) Never
(d) Two times

8. What item is Ann sad to see is missing from her old backyard?
(a) A dog house
(b) A hammock
(c) A picnic table
(d) A tree-house

9. What are Ann and Chris doing when Joe Keller comes out of the house?
(a) Crying
(b) Dancing
(c) Kissing
(d) Talking

10. What did people in the neighborhood shout at Joe Keller after he was exonerated by the court?
(a) Welcome Back
(b) War Profiteer
(c) Murderer
(d) Guilty

11. What does Joe Keller hand out to children in the neighborhood?
(a) Toy police badges
(b) Toy planes
(c) Tiny prayerbooks
(d) Licorice sticks

12. Why does Chris leave the backyard in the beginning of Act 2?
(a) To take a shower
(b) To put on a shirt
(c) To take a nap
(d) To have something to eat

13. How often has Ann written her father since he's been in prison?
(a) Every week
(b) Once
(c) Never
(d) Every day

14. What does Kate say she will do if Larry is dead?
(a) Kill herself
(b) Never leave the house
(c) Divorce Joe
(d) Leave the state

15. What was Chris' nickname in the war?
(a) Pee-wee Keller
(b) Lil' Chris Lug-Nut
(c) Mother McKeller
(d) Chris McGuts

Short Answer Questions

1. To what amusement park does Joe Keller compare his backyard?

2. What is different about the Kellers' yard at the beginning of the play

3. Why is Lydia coming over to the Kellers' house?

4. According to Chris in his monologue, what should have been born out of all the death in the war?

5. Why does Joe go back into the house at the end of this scene?

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