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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the block need more of, according to Jim?
(a) Dogs
(b) Stop signs
(c) Pretty girls
(d) Policemen

2. What does Joe say that Steve Deever is instead of a murderer?
(a) A fool
(b) A martyr
(c) A friend
(d) A patsy

3. What did people in the neighborhood shout at Joe Keller after he was exonerated by the court?
(a) Guilty
(b) War Profiteer
(c) Murderer
(d) Welcome Back

4. What occupation did Susie have?
(a) Schoolteacher
(b) Nurse
(c) Factory worker
(d) Bus driver

5. What does Chris always find in every person he meets, according to Ann?
(a) A debtor
(b) A challenge
(c) A flaw
(d) A distinction

6. Why could Larry not have been killed by a faulty part from Joe Keller's factory?
(a) He was not a pilot
(b) He died before the shipment of bad parts went out
(c) He never flew in a P-40
(d) He didn't fight in the Pacific

7. What French expression does Chris use to refer to Joe in Act 2?
(a) Enfant
(b) Garcon
(c) Roue
(d) Bete

8. To what does Chris compare Larry when he implored Kate to forget him in Act 1?
(a) A car stalled on the side of the road
(b) A train that never arrives
(c) A ram on a mountainside
(d) A scarecrow in a field

9. To which playwright does Chris compare his father jokingly?
(a) Wilde
(b) Moliere
(c) Shaw
(d) Shakespeare

10. What does Chris think that he and Joe should tell Kate?
(a) That Larry is likely dead
(b) That Joe's factory is closing
(c) That Chris loves Ann
(d) That Joe would like to move

11. How many times has Annie been married?
(a) Three times
(b) One time
(c) Two times
(d) Never

12. What object is Frank Lubey carrying when he talks to Ann in Act 1?
(a) A potted plant
(b) A sack of potatoes
(c) A ladder
(d) A wheelbarrow

13. Which of the following is not a career that Joe Keller says was an option as a child?
(a) Banker
(b) Doctor
(c) Lawyer
(d) Shopkeeper

14. What item can Lydia not figure out when she enters in Act 1?
(a) The radio
(b) The toaster
(c) The lawnmower
(d) The french press

15. What does Joe Keller hand out to children in the neighborhood?
(a) Toy planes
(b) Toy police badges
(c) Licorice sticks
(d) Tiny prayerbooks

Short Answer Questions

1. Ann tells Chris that doing what upsets her stomach?

2. How long does Chris tell Ann he expected her to stay with the Kellers?

3. What type of whether does the paper forecast for the evening?

4. Which of the following is not something that Chris groups in with the "loot" he took from the war?

5. What does Kate say she will do if Larry is dead?

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