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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What order does Kate Keller repeatedly give Joe Keller at the end of the act?
(a) Be smart
(b) Stay quiet
(c) Stay put
(d) Trust no one

2. What object is Frank Lubey carrying when he talks to Ann in Act 1?
(a) A potted plant
(b) A sack of potatoes
(c) A ladder
(d) A wheelbarrow

3. Why did Joe Keller throw out a sack of potatoes?
(a) He thought it was a bag of garbage
(b) He wanted to clear the kitchen of all clutter
(c) He is sick of eating potatoes every night
(d) They were rotten

4. What was Chris' nickname in the war?
(a) Pee-wee Keller
(b) Chris McGuts
(c) Mother McKeller
(d) Lil' Chris Lug-Nut

5. According to Sue, what is Jim turning Chris into?
(a) A statue
(b) A son
(c) A golfing buddy
(d) A protege

6. Where does Kate Keller have a pain in Act 1?
(a) Her head
(b) Her feet
(c) Her neck
(d) Her chest

7. With whom does Jim say he wants to play golf?
(a) Chris
(b) Joe
(c) Ann
(d) Kate

8. Why does Jim have to leave Joe Keller's yard at the beginning of the first act?
(a) He has to see Mr. Hubbard
(b) Mrs. Adams calls him
(c) His wife cannot work the toaster
(d) He has to work on this roof

9. What appliance does Lydia accidentally plug in?
(a) Toaster
(b) Malted mixer
(c) Bread maker
(d) Humidifier

10. What belonging of Larry's has Kate recently found?
(a) His baseball glove
(b) His Sunday suit
(c) His bible
(d) His purple heart

11. Where is George Deever calling from at the end of Act 1?
(a) Nashville
(b) New York
(c) Columbus
(d) Louisville

12. Who asked Ann Deever to visit?
(a) Chris Keller
(b) Herbert Deever
(c) Joe Keller
(d) Kate Keller

13. What does Chris always find in every person he meets, according to Ann?
(a) A challenge
(b) A debtor
(c) A distinction
(d) A flaw

14. To which playwright does Chris compare his father jokingly?
(a) Shaw
(b) Wilde
(c) Moliere
(d) Shakespeare

15. What are Ann and Chris doing when Joe Keller comes out of the house?
(a) Dancing
(b) Crying
(c) Talking
(d) Kissing

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joe say that Steve Deever is instead of a murderer?

2. What does Joe Keller fear is George Deever's intention by visiting his father?

3. Why does Kate think that Chris has no right to marry Ann, according to Joe?

4. What mechanical part did Joe Keller and Steve Deever's factory make?

5. Why could Larry not have been killed by a faulty part from Joe Keller's factory?

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