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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many times has George Deever gone to see his father at the prison before today?
(a) About twenty times
(b) Never
(c) Over a hundred times
(d) Two times

2. What does Joe Keller promise at the end of the act?
(a) To stay out of his life
(b) Never to rename the business
(c) To convince Kate to approve his marriage
(d) To check in on Steve Deever

3. What is the current name of Joe Keller's business?
(a) Keller and Deever, Inc.
(b) J.O. Keller, Inc.
(c) Keller and Sons, Inc.
(d) Deever, Keller, and Hunt, Inc.

4. What does Joe Keller want for dinner?
(a) Chicken
(b) Lobster
(c) Steak
(d) Pasta

5. According to Sue, a person can never owe someone money without what?
(a) Worrying about it
(b) Resenting them
(c) Other people knowing
(d) Hating himself

6. Which two words does Joe confuse when talking to Ann and Chris about George?
(a) Brooch and broach
(b) Attend and offend
(c) Abberant and apparent
(d) Skittish and Scottish

7. Where is Chris thinking of moving after he marries?
(a) Miami
(b) London
(c) Philadelphia
(d) New York

8. What are Ann and Chris doing when Joe Keller comes out of the house?
(a) Talking
(b) Crying
(c) Dancing
(d) Kissing

9. According to Chris in his monologue, what should have been born out of all the death in the war?
(a) A new nationalism
(b) A sense of religious faith
(c) Social responsibility
(d) Lingering hate

10. Why is Lydia coming over to the Kellers' house?
(a) To help make dessert
(b) To do Kate's hair
(c) To speak with Kate about the horoscope
(d) To hem Ann's dress

11. Where has a long-lost American soldier recently turned up, according to Kate?
(a) Burma
(b) Mexico
(c) Portugal
(d) India

12. What mechanical part did Joe Keller and Steve Deever's factory make?
(a) Rivets
(b) Cylinder heads
(c) Coolant hoses
(d) Siding plates

13. What instrument does Kate Keller want Sue Bayliss to take up?
(a) Violin
(b) Piano
(c) Tuba
(d) Guitar

14. How does Chris kiss Ann, according to Ann?
(a) Like a long-awaited lover
(b) Like his father
(c) Like her friend
(d) Like Larry's brother

15. Who said a dirty word, according to Bert?
(a) Tommy Bayliss
(b) Lydia Lubey
(c) Chris Keller
(d) Jim Bayliss

Short Answer Questions

1. What is different about the Kellers' yard at the beginning of the play

2. What does Joe Keller hand out to children in the neighborhood?

3. Why does Jim have to leave Joe Keller's yard at the beginning of the first act?

4. What object is Frank Lubey carrying when he talks to Ann in Act 1?

5. What does Kate Keller bring out in a pitcher at the beginning of Act 2?

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