All My Sons Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the significance of the fallen tree in the Kellers' yard?

The tree that cracked in the wind the night before the play begins was planted for Larry Keller, the Kellers' son who disappeared several years ago while fighting in the war. Today would have been his birthday.

2. Describe Joe Keller.

Joe Keller is the quintessence of the self-made man. He comes from working class roots, and he is stoic, pragmatic, considerate and loving toward his family. He speaks only when certain of what he will say.

3. Why is Frank Lubey drawing up a horoscope?

Frank is drawing up Larry Keller's horoscope for November 25 at the request of Kate Keller, Larry's mother. Larry disappeared on November 25, and Kate wants to know if that was a favorable day for Larry, since that would be a day that he could not have conceivably died if it were favorable.

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