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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did people in the neighborhood shout at Joe Keller after he was exonerated by the court?
(a) Welcome Back
(b) Murderer
(c) Guilty
(d) War Profiteer

2. What action has Ann's mother recently decided against?
(a) Moving to New York
(b) Having another child
(c) Converting to Catholicism
(d) Getting a divorce

3. What sarcastic expression does Sue use to refer to the Kellers?
(a) The band of thieves
(b) The holy family
(c) The three little pigs
(d) The United Nations

4. What does Kate Keller still do regularly in preparation for Larry's return?
(a) Dusts his books
(b) Cooks his favorite dinner every week
(c) Makes his bed
(d) Shines his shoes

5. Which of the following is not something Joe lists as being something people must do with Steve Deever to show them he is not a murderer?
(a) Talk with him
(b) Smile with him
(c) Pray with him
(d) Play cards with him

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Chris kiss Ann, according to Ann?

2. What does Chris offer to his mother several times in Act 1?

3. How long does Chris tell Ann he expected her to stay with the Kellers?

4. According to Kate, what does Joe Keller do when he is worried?

5. What French expression does Chris use to refer to Joe in Act 2?

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