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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrived in town yesterday to stay with the Kellers?
(a) Larry
(b) Ann
(c) Bert
(d) George

2. What gesture does Kate suggest Joe make to Chris?
(a) Offer to make a public apology
(b) Offer to go to prison
(c) Offer him money
(d) Offer to donate his earnings from the factory

3. Why did Joe Keller throw out a sack of potatoes?
(a) He thought it was a bag of garbage
(b) He wanted to clear the kitchen of all clutter
(c) He is sick of eating potatoes every night
(d) They were rotten

4. What was Larry doing in the dream Kate had?
(a) Dancing with Ann
(b) Playing football
(c) Sitting in the yard
(d) Piloting a plane

5. What is the "emergency" from which Jim has just returned?
(a) A headache
(b) A stomach pain
(c) A sour knee
(d) A fit of insomnia

Short Answer Questions

1. What is George Deever's profession?

2. Who does George want to contact to corroborate his story?

3. What animal does Mr. Marcy resemble, according to Chris?

4. What does Joe Keller promise at the end of the act?

5. What form of transportation does Sue sarcastically suggest Jim used to pick up George?

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