All My Sons Character Descriptions

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Ann Deever - This character has a note from her dead fiance.

Dr. Jim Bayliss - This character once ran away to New Orleans.

Sue Bayliss - This character asks another character to move out of the neighborhood after her wedding.

Bert - This character pretends to be a policeman.

George Deever - This character has just visited his father in prison for the first time when he enters the scene.

Chris Keller - This character encourages a neighbor to leave his medical practice to pursue a higher calling in medical research.

Joe Keller - This character wants to rename his factory after his son.

Kate Keller - This character has a vivid dream the night the tree cracks.

Frank Lubey - This character is a staunch proponent of astrology.

Lydia Lubey - This character is know for a constant and distinctive laugh.

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