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Act 1, Part 1

• Larry's tree has fallen in the Kellers' lawn.

• Joe Keller reads the paper with Jim.

• Frank Lubey is drawing Larry's horoscope for Kate.

• Ann Deever is in town visiting the Kellers.

• Frank and Jim get called away by their wives.

Act 1, Part 2

• Chris enters and discusses the Mother's sleepless nights.

• Chris tells Joe he intends to marry Ann.

• Mother enters and talks about her reminders of Larry.

• Chris says that it is time to get over Larry.

• Mother tells Joe that they cannot give up hope on Larry.

Act 1, Part 3

• Ann enters with Chris.

• Ann discusses how she no longer talks to her imprisoned father.

• Ann tells Kate that she doesn't think that Larry is alive.

• Joe and Ann discuss her father's scandal during the war.

• The family decides to have a big dinner out that night.

Act 1, Part 4

• Chris asks Ann to marry him and...

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