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Short Answer Questions

1. What surprising twist occurs at Willie's next speech?

2. What happens to Willie's career in April of 1933?

3. On what topic does Willie complain to Jack about Lucy?

4. What kinds of stories are surfacing at the newspaper office, The Chronicle?

5. What does Jack think he can find to blackmail Judge Irwin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Under what circumstances did Jack's parents meet?

2. What potential issues surround the contract being awarded to J.H. Moore?

3. How does Jack reason out Judge Irwin's role in his childhood?

4. What does Jack recall about his childhood at the beginning of Chapter 3?

5. What is the nature of Anne Stanton's depression?

6. What leads Jack to explore the judge's interest in the American Electric Power Company?

7. What does Jack discover when he digs into the school construction story?

8. How do Jack's mother and Judge Irwin feel about Jack's association with Willie Stark?

9. What is the reason that Willie's wife, Lucy, is leaving him?

10. To whom is the construction contract awarded and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do you think Jack was surprised to learn about Judge Irwin's acceptance of the bribe related to the utilities company case? For some reason, Jack has an instinct that Judge Irwin's vulnerability is related to money. Why? Is it sad or practical that Jack can learn about the judge's flaw and accept it? Explain why Jack feels the need to research the judge in the first place.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the author's use of the literary technique of flashbacks in the novel. What is the purpose of a flashback? Is the information gleaned from the flashbacks sufficient to flesh out the bones of the literary framework the author has established? Is the technique of a flashback and the resulting flash forward disconcerting to the reader, even though necessary?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 2, Willie is branded as a nigger lover. Explain what this term means. Why was it "acceptable" to use in 1922 and not tolerated at all today? Has society matured? Are people more sensitive? Explain.

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