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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What puzzles Jack about the hospital discussion?
(a) He wonders where all the money is going.
(b) He wonders why the construction schedule isn't more aggressive.
(c) He wonders who the major contributors are for the hospital fund.
(d) He does not know how Anne knew that Adam had been asked to head up the hospital.

2. Who tells Jack that Anne is having an affair with Willie?
(a) Adam
(b) Sadie
(c) Anne
(d) Lucy

3. What does Jack do after Anne makes her decision?
(a) Struggles to find what he wants to do with his life
(b) Decides to go into politics
(c) Takes a long vacation
(d) Decides to go to grad school

4. What does Anne eventually decide about marriage to Jack?
(a) She decides she does not want to marry Jack.
(b) She decides to marry Jack the next time he asks her.
(c) She decides that she will marry Jack when the time is right.
(d) She decides that she will marry Jack but will not expect it to last.

5. What does Anne tell Jack about how Judge Irwin solved his money problems?
(a) He took out a large insurance policy on his first wife.
(b) He married a wealthy woman.
(c) He sold most of his property.
(d) He got a substantial bank loan.

6. Why is Anne depressed?
(a) Her best friend has cancer.
(b) She has lost her job.
(c) She wishes she had married Jack.
(d) She has not done anything with her life.

7. What does Lucy think about Tom?
(a) He is the best son a mother could have.
(b) He is wild, selfish and idle.
(c) He is selfless and giving.
(d) He has a charming personality.

8. What does Anne do when her father becomes an invalid?
(a) She takes care of him until he dies.
(b) She sends him to live with relatives.
(c) She puts him in a long-term care facility.
(d) She hires a full-time nurse to care for him.

9. What does Lucy want Tom to do?
(a) Pay for the girl's abortion
(b) Break up with the girl
(c) Marry the girl
(d) Deny that the child is his

10. Who is with Adam at the time of Coffee's visit?
(a) Jack
(b) Lucy
(c) Anne
(d) Tom

11. How does Jack find out about what happened between Adam and Coffee?
(a) The governor tells him
(b) Anne tells him.
(c) Judge Irwin tells him.
(d) Coffee tells him.

12. What does Willie tell Adam to do?
(a) Start picking his staff
(b) Send in his resume
(c) Check out other hospitals
(d) Attend hospital construction meetings

13. Why can Willie not marry Anne now?
(a) Because his divorce is not final
(b) Because he wants to wait until Tom has graduated
(c) Because a divorce would hurt him politically right now
(d) Because he is trying to get his marriage annulled

14. What does Jack recall during the trip?
(a) The years when he, Adam and Anne were inseparable
(b) His summers at the Landing
(c) Playing Minor League Baseball
(d) His college years

15. Who is Mortimer L. Littlepaugh?
(a) Dean of the University of Mississippi
(b) Attorney for the American Electric Power Company
(c) CEO of BellSouth
(d) President of the Civil Liberties Union

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne reveals as the topic of conversation the last time she had lunch with the governor?

2. What is Anne's marital status now?

3. What prompts Jack to take this trip?

4. To whom does Mortimer L. Littlepaugh give a letter the night before he dies?

5. How did Judge Irwin get Mortimer L. Littlepaugh's job?

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