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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What else does Jack's mother tell Jack about Judge Irwin?
(a) Judge Irwin has killed himself.
(b) Judge Irwin has had a heart attack.
(c) Judge Irwin was killed in a car accident.
(d) Judge Irwin has shot Willie Stark.

2. Who is with Adam at the time of Coffee's visit?
(a) Tom
(b) Anne
(c) Lucy
(d) Jack

3. What prompts Jack to take this trip?
(a) He has a job interview.
(b) He is in desperate need of a vacation.
(c) Anne confirms her involvement with Willie.
(d) He visits an old college friend.

4. How did Judge Irwin get Mortimer L. Littlepaugh's job?
(a) He invested a large sum in the company's stock.
(b) He hosted cocktail parties for the company executives.
(c) He invited the company CEO for a golf weekend.
(d) He took a bribe to make a ruling on a lawsuit.

5. How does Jack find out about what happened between Adam and Coffee?
(a) Coffee tells him.
(b) Anne tells him.
(c) The governor tells him
(d) Judge Irwin tells him.

6. What does Willie consider the new hospital to be?
(a) A necessity for the state
(b) A nuisance
(c) A monument to himself
(d) A money pit

7. How do Adam, Anne and Jack spend the evening?
(a) They read in the library.
(b) They go to a new restaurant.
(c) They go to see a play.
(d) Adam plays the piano and they dance.

8. Where does Jack spend a weekend with Adam and Anne?
(a) Biloxi
(b) Memphis
(c) The Landing
(d) New Orleans

9. Who is Willie told will be the best person to run the hospital?
(a) Sadie Burke
(b) Lucille Burke
(c) Adam Stanton
(d) Anne Stanton

10. What leads Jack to believe that Judge Irwin got a huge influx of cash at some point?
(a) The judge refurnishes his home in antiques.
(b) The judge builds a brand new home.
(c) The judge buys priceless art.
(d) The judge pays off his $44,000 mortgage in 1914.

11. What is the best approach to secure the answer to #114?
(a) The promise of a country club membership
(b) The promise of an opportunity to do good
(c) The promise of stock options
(d) The promise of a good salary

12. What does Anne believe about her relationship with Willie?
(a) That they will be married in six months
(b) That they will never get married
(c) That they will be married next year
(d) That they will be married as soon as Willie gets his divorce

13. What does Jack discover about the wealth of Judge Irwin's second wife?
(a) She had been left a lot of money but spent it by the time she married the judge.
(b) She had cut the judge out of her will.
(c) She invests well and becomes an even wealthier woman.
(d) She is very frugal and dies with most of her money untouched.

14. Who is to secure the answer to #114 for Willie?
(a) Judge Irwin
(b) Jack Burden
(c) Lucy Stark
(d) Mrs. Burden

15. What do Adam and Willie discuss when Jack and Willie go to Adam's apartment?
(a) The rumors of war in Europe
(b) The baseball scores from last night
(c) Their former girlfriends
(d) Goodness and badness

Short Answer Questions

1. What interrupts the only opportunity Jack and Anne had to be intimate?

2. Who is Mortimer L. Littlepaugh?

3. What does Willie say about interfering in the management of the hospital?

4. What happened to Judge Irwin's second wife?

5. What happens to Jack's marriage?

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