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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jack and Anne continue to discuss as the years progress?
(a) New cars
(b) Marriage
(c) Grant money
(d) Vacations

2. Who does Jack marry after Anne rejects him?
(a) Louise
(b) Lucy
(c) Lois
(d) Lucille

3. What does Jack discover about the wealth of Judge Irwin's second wife?
(a) She invests well and becomes an even wealthier woman.
(b) She had been left a lot of money but spent it by the time she married the judge.
(c) She had cut the judge out of her will.
(d) She is very frugal and dies with most of her money untouched.

4. Why does Jack go to see Lucy who is staying at her sister's house?
(a) To ask her out to dinner
(b) To get Lucy to reconcile with the governor
(c) To tell Lucy about the baby
(d) To ask her to run the new hospital

5. What else does Jack's mother tell Jack about Judge Irwin?
(a) Judge Irwin has had a heart attack.
(b) Judge Irwin has shot Willie Stark.
(c) Judge Irwin has killed himself.
(d) Judge Irwin was killed in a car accident.

6. What does Anne reveals as the topic of conversation the last time she had lunch with the governor?
(a) A new hospital
(b) A Special Olympics event
(c) A children's home
(d) A new theater

7. What is Anne's marital status now?
(a) She is divorced.
(b) She has never married.
(c) She is widowed.
(d) She is separated.

8. What question does Jack ask Anne?
(a) "Was the judge ever broke?"
(b) "Will you marry me?"
(c) "Why didn't you want to marry me?"
(d) "How is the judge's health?"

9. What happens between Jack and Anne the summer Jack is 20?
(a) They have a huge fight.
(b) They pledge to marry.
(c) They start going steady.
(d) They break up for good.

10. What does Adam do after Coffee leaves?
(a) He goes to lunch with Anne.
(b) He calls the governor.
(c) He writes his resignation.
(d) He goes out for a beer with Jack.

11. What does Willie tell Adam about the hospital plans?
(a) Adam can revise them to his liking.
(b) He hopes the funding will come through.
(c) He hopes the hospital will be big enough.
(d) There is no more opportunity for revision.

12. What does Willie say about interfering in the management of the hospital?
(a) He will be a very hands-on administrator.
(b) He will hold monthly update meetings.
(c) He has not intention of interfering.
(d) He will only want to know bottom line results.

13. What does Anne tell Jack about how Judge Irwin solved his money problems?
(a) He married a wealthy woman.
(b) He took out a large insurance policy on his first wife.
(c) He got a substantial bank loan.
(d) He sold most of his property.

14. What does Anne believe about her relationship with Willie?
(a) That they will be married as soon as Willie gets his divorce
(b) That they will be married next year
(c) That they will be married in six months
(d) That they will never get married

15. What does Lucy want Tom to do?
(a) Deny that the child is his
(b) Pay for the girl's abortion
(c) Marry the girl
(d) Break up with the girl

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the best approach to secure the answer to #114?

2. Why can Willie not marry Anne now?

3. What does Adam recall about an argument between Judge Irwin and Governor Stanton?

4. What does Willie tell Adam to do?

5. What does Willie want for Tom?

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