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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Attorney General, Hugh Miller resign his position?
(a) He has been diagonosed with a terminal illness.
(b) He can no longer keep the travel schedule necessary for the job.
(c) His wife has a terminal illness.
(d) He objects to the help given to White.

2. Where do Willie and Jack go after leaving Judge Irwin?
(a) To Biloxi
(b) To Memphis
(c) To Willie's farm in Mason City
(d) To Baton Rouge

3. What happens to Annabelle's husband, Duncan Trice?
(a) He is shot accidentally while cleaning his pistols.
(b) He is thrown from his horse.
(c) He is shot in a bar fight.
(d) He commits suicide.

4. Who is the narrator of the story?
(a) Anne Stanton
(b) Willie Stark
(c) Jack Burden
(d) Adam Stanton

5. With whom did Adam and Anne Stanton live as children?
(a) Jack Burden
(b) Their widowed father, Governor Stanton
(c) Their godfather, Judge Irwin
(d) Willie Stark's family

6. What is Willie's wife's profession?
(a) Secretary
(b) School teacher
(c) Nurse
(d) Court reporter

7. What does Willie tell Jack that he is going to build?
(a) A new civic center
(b) A new state courthouse
(c) A free hospital and health center
(d) A monument in his likeness

8. Who was like a second father to Jack after Jack's father left?
(a) Mr. Stark
(b) Judge Irwin
(c) Mr. Burke
(d) Governor Stanton

9. During dinner at the judge's home one night in 1933, what topic comes up as part of the conversation?
(a) Jack's old girlfriends
(b) Jack's school days
(c) The coming war in Europe
(d) Jack's job in politics and the influence he holds

10. What is Judge Irwin's response to Willie's request?
(a) He will not do it.
(b) He will think about it.
(c) He will be glad to do it.
(d) He is not able to do it.

11. What does Gilbert do after he runs away from home?
(a) He runs to Canada to hide out.
(b) He goes to Mississippi and becomes a wealthy cotton baron.
(c) He becomes a decorated Civil War general.
(d) He goes to California and starts a winery.

12. Willie Stark is known as ______________.
(a) Colonel
(b) The Big Guy
(c) The Boss
(d) The Man

13. What happens to indicate that Lucy is not engaged in Willie's life?
(a) Lucy takes several independent vacations.
(b) Willie finds her asleep early even with the threat of impeachment hanging over Willie's head.
(c) Willie notices that she no longer has the chef prepare Willie's favorite meals.
(d) Lucy takes frequent shopping trips out of town.

14. What does Willie order when everyone else orders beer?
(a) Coffee
(b) Sweet tea
(c) Orange pop
(d) Coca-Cola

15. Who is Cass Mastern?
(a) Jack's high school football coach
(b) Jack's favorite history professor
(c) The topic of Jack's dissertation for the Ph.D. in History
(d) Jack's landlord during college

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the decision made to back Willie?

2. How did Tiny Duffy get his name?

3. How is Dolph Pillsbury connected to the troubles with the brick kiln?

4. How can Willie be confident in his position?

5. What happens during the next election for governor?

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