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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jack returns to his office, he finds that ______________________________ have been begun for State Auditor, Byram B. White.
(a) Reelection plans
(b) Anniversary plans
(c) Impeachment proceedings
(d) Birthday celebration

2. How did Tiny Duffy get his name?
(a) He is a short, slim man.
(b) He has a tiny head.
(c) He is a large, overweight man.
(d) He has a small intellect.

3. How does Jack confirm Willie's affair?
(a) Because Willie sends Jack to buy the woman a piece of jewelry.
(b) Because he confronts Willie directly.
(c) Because the woman storms into his office demanding to know about rumors of Willie seeing other women.
(d) Because he has seen the woman coming out of Willie's hotel room one morning.

4. Who is the narrator of the story?
(a) Adam Stanton
(b) Anne Stanton
(c) Willie Stark
(d) Jack Burden

5. How does Willie benefit from what happens at the school fire drill?
(a) Willie gets to hire a new architect who is a friend of his.
(b) Willie is asked to work as a consultant on the rebuilding of the school.
(c) Willie gets reelected on a special emergency vote.
(d) The people realize the corruption related to the brick quality and they should have voted for Willie.

6. How far is Burden's Landing from Mason City?
(a) 30 miles
(b) 33 miles
(c) 130 miles
(d) 100 miles

7. In a flashback, what does the author reveal about Jack's father?
(a) Jack's father left his family with no explanation.
(b) Jack's father had multiple affairs.
(c) Jack's father was a homosexual.
(d) Jack's father never got his law degree.

8. Who steps in and offers blackmail as a tool to help White?
(a) Governor Stark
(b) Judge Irwin
(c) Tiny Duffy
(d) Former Governor Stanton

9. What is the quality of Willie's speeches?
(a) They are rousing.
(b) They are not good.
(c) They are conventional.
(d) They are innovative.

10. Where do Willie and Jack go after leaving Judge Irwin?
(a) To Memphis
(b) To Baton Rouge
(c) To Willie's farm in Mason City
(d) To Biloxi

11. What does Cass do with his own slaves?
(a) Frees them and sends them to school
(b) Threatens them with mutilation if they try to run away
(c) Frees them and hires them
(d) Increases the whippings

12. With what married woman did Cass become involved at Transylvania?
(a) Annabelle Lee
(b) Annabeth Jefferson
(c) Annabelle Trice
(d) Annabeth Lee

13. What does Willie tell White after White accuses Willie of impunity?
(a) That White would make a good county prosecutor.
(b) White has watched the rich get richer and the poor get poorer for 15 years.
(c) That White should never have entered public office.
(d) That White should take some time off.

14. What surprising twist occurs at Willie's next speech?
(a) Willie resigns because his wife cannot withstand the rigors of the campaign.
(b) Willie resigns before he is blackmailed.
(c) Willie tells the crowd about how he has been duped and he is resigning in order to support MacMurfee.
(d) Willie resigns because he gets some bad medical news.

15. Why will Tiny Duffy not help Willie improve his dreadful campaign speeches?
(a) Tiny has never held a management position before.
(b) Tiny is busy organizing Willie's travel itinerary.
(c) Duffy is employed by the Harrison faction and they do not expect Willie to win, simply dilute the MacMurfee votes.
(d) Tiny does not have any speechwriting experience.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what topic does Willie complain to Jack about Lucy?

2. During dinner at the judge's home one night in 1933, what topic comes up as part of the conversation?

3. How does Willie enter politics again?

4. Why does Annabelle sell Phebe, her waiting maid?

5. What does Jack Burden carry with him?

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