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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the answer to #45 reveal to Willie?
(a) That Willie will be a wonderful governor.
(b) That she is very attracted to Willie.
(c) That Willie has been used by the Hamiltons in the campaign.
(d) That she has been attending all of Willie's speeches.

2. How did Cass die?
(a) In a military hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864
(b) From cancer
(c) Of old age
(d) In the Battle of Gettysburg

3. Where is Wille Stark's home town?
(a) Baton Rouge
(b) Biloxi
(c) Mason City
(d) Memphis

4. What happens to Willie's career in April of 1933?
(a) Willie receives the national endorsement to campaign for president.
(b) The news of Willie's affairs threatens his career.
(c) There are impeachment proceeding initiated because of the White case.
(d) Willie has to step down for health reasons.

5. What does Jack think he can find to blackmail Judge Irwin?
(a) He knows that the Judge has an illegitimate child.
(b) He does not think he can find anything.
(c) He knows that the Judge has money in Cayman banks.
(d) He knows the dirt about the Judge's divorce.

6. How does Judge Irwin react when a dinner guest berates Governor Stark's programs?
(a) He changes the subject.
(b) He lets the arguments escalate.
(c) He agrees with his guest.
(d) He defends them as necessary in a changing world.

7. Which political faction covertly backs Willie's campaign?
(a) The Harrison faction
(b) The MacMurfee faction
(c) The Stanton faction
(d) The Irwin faction

8. Where does Annabelle take Phebe to be sold?
(a) Paducah
(b) Lexington
(c) Louisville
(d) Owensboro

9. Why does the Attorney General, Hugh Miller resign his position?
(a) He objects to the help given to White.
(b) He can no longer keep the travel schedule necessary for the job.
(c) He has been diagonosed with a terminal illness.
(d) His wife has a terminal illness.

10. What story does Jack's editor want Jack to get?
(a) The fire at the Mason City Elementary School
(b) The Mason City Labor Day Beauty Pageant
(c) The politics involved in a construction contract award
(d) The Mason City Fourth of July Celebration

11. Why does Willie lose when he runs for reelection?
(a) He does not have a good record on administering city tax dollars.
(b) He runs against the mayor's very popular son.
(c) He does not have enough money to print campaign posters.
(d) The city commissioners start a rumor that the contractor Willie wanted, Jeffers, hired Negro workers.

12. What do Jack and Judge Irwin make while Jack is growing up?
(a) Model airplanes
(b) Models of ancient weapons
(c) Kites
(d) Ships in bottles

13. Why does Jack attend the state university instead of abiding by his mother's wishes and going to Harvard or Princeton?
(a) Jack thinks his mother still needs his help occasionally.
(b) Jack does not think he would adapt well to a northern school.
(c) Jack wants to put himself through college and the state school is less expensive.
(d) Jack does not want to move that far away from home.

14. Who were Jack's childhood friends?
(a) Adam and Anne Stanton
(b) Sadie and Marie Burke
(c) Willie and Teddy Stark
(d) Tiny Duffy and Sugar Boy

15. What does Willie tell Jack that he is going to build?
(a) A monument in his likeness
(b) A new state courthouse
(c) A free hospital and health center
(d) A new civic center

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens during a fire drill at the school two years after it is constructed?

2. What does Jack Burden carry with him?

3. What does Gilbert do after he runs away from home?

4. How far is Burden's Landing from Mason City?

5. Why is Willie's wife, Lucy, leaving Willie?

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