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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Annabelle sell Phebe, her waiting maid?
(a) Because she saw Annabelle shoot her husband.
(b) Because Phebe knows about Annabelle's husband's ring on Cass' finger.
(c) Because Phebe had set fire to the bedroom drapes with a candle.
(d) Because Annabelle wants a younger maid in the house.

2. What do Jack and Judge Irwin make while Jack is growing up?
(a) Model airplanes
(b) Kites
(c) Ships in bottles
(d) Models of ancient weapons

3. When Jack returns to his office, he finds that ______________________________ have been begun for State Auditor, Byram B. White.
(a) Reelection plans
(b) Anniversary plans
(c) Birthday celebration
(d) Impeachment proceedings

4. How does Willie enter politics again?
(a) Willie is elected to the school board.
(b) He stumps for a congressional candidate who is running against the candidate who is a friend of Dolph Pillsbury's.
(c) Willie is appointed to his old position of county treasurer.
(d) Willie runs for mayor during the next election.

5. Who recommended the school for Cass?
(a) Robert E. Lee
(b) Abraham Lincoln
(c) Ulysses S. Grant
(d) Jefferson Davis

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does not approve of Jack working for Willie?

2. Of what has White been accused?

3. Why does Jack go to see Lucy who is staying at her sister's house?

4. With whom did Adam and Anne Stanton live as children?

5. With what married woman did Cass become involved at Transylvania?

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