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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willie want for his son, Tom?
(a) He wants him to marry a nice girl and settle down in Mason City.
(b) He wants him to become a professional baseball player.
(c) He wants him to go to Harvard or Yale and become a lawyer.
(d) He wants him to be a part of all the excitement of Willie's administration.

2. How does Willie benefit from what happens at the school fire drill?
(a) The people realize the corruption related to the brick quality and they should have voted for Willie.
(b) Willie gets to hire a new architect who is a friend of his.
(c) Willie is asked to work as a consultant on the rebuilding of the school.
(d) Willie gets reelected on a special emergency vote.

3. How is Dolph Pillsbury connected to the troubles with the brick kiln?
(a) Pillsbury used to make bricks for the kiln company.
(b) Pillsbury's brother-in-law owns the kiln and Pillsbury is suspected of getting kickbacks on the school job.
(c) Pillsbury used to do the accounting for the kiln company.
(d) Pillsbury is a major investor in the kiln business.

4. On what topic does Willie complain to Jack about Lucy?
(a) How much Lucy has overextended her wardrobe budget
(b) How much weight Lucy seems to have gained recently
(c) How much money Lucy is spending to decorate the governor's mansion
(d) How Lucy is raising their son, Tom

5. Willie Stark is known as ______________.
(a) Colonel
(b) The Boss
(c) The Big Guy
(d) The Man

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Tiny Duffy get his name?

2. How does Judge Irwin react when a dinner guest berates Governor Stark's programs?

3. What does Jack Burden carry with him?

4. How many husbands has Mrs. Burden had?

5. In what year does the story begin?

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