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Veronica Roth
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the narrator of Chapter 11?
(a) Andrew.
(b) Tris.
(c) Robert.
(d) Tobias.

2. Where was Christina shot during the “desperate attempt to reveal the Edith Prior video to our city,” according to the narrator in Chapter 1?
(a) In the shoulder.
(b) In the torso.
(c) In the arm.
(d) In the leg.

3. What is the name of Nita’s friend that she introduces Tobias and Tris to in Chapter 25?
(a) Will.
(b) Reggie.
(c) George.
(d) Matthew.

4. Tris says in the beginning of Chapter 19, “after comparing my DNA to Tobias’s on a computer screen, I realize that “Divergent” doesn’t mean as much as I thought it did. It’s just a word for” what?
(a) “Genetic impurity.”
(b) “Superhuman resistance to serums.”
(c) “The ability to deceive others.”
(d) “A particular sequence in my DNA.”

5. What gate does Zoe tell Tris they are meeting at for an airplane trip in Chapter 19?
(a) C1.
(b) D45.
(c) A34.
(d) B14.

6. Where does Nita’s accomplice shoot David in the beginning of Chapter 27?
(a) His arm.
(b) His foot.
(c) His gut.
(d) His head.

7. What slang term does Uriah say is used for those from the Candor faction in Chapter 11?
(a) “Exhibitionists.”
(b) “Stiffs.”
(c) “Jerks.”
(d) “Snobs.”

8. What is the name of Cara’s brother that was shot?
(a) Will.
(b) Al.
(c) Eric.
(d) Tobias.

9. Who greets Tris next to the statue in Chapter 17?
(a) Peter.
(b) Christina.
(c) George.
(d) Zoe.

10. Who “still has an Allegiant rebellion to organize” in Chapter 13, according to the narrator?
(a) Peter.
(b) Johanna.
(c) Evelyn.
(d) Robert.

11. Who said he would go to the Hancock building early to start the generator in Chapter 7?
(a) Edward.
(b) Uriah.
(c) Max.
(d) Marcus.

12. Zoe tells the others that the compound where they have arrived used to be what, in Chapter 14?
(a) O’Hare Airport.
(b) LaGuardia Airport.
(c) J.F.K. Airport.
(d) Center Street Mall.

13. The journal that Tris is reading in Chapter 22 includes letters to whom?
(a) Zeke.
(b) Tobias.
(c) Amar.
(d) David.

14. What word from Chapter 10 refers to the fear of being enclosed in a small space?
(a) Acrophobia.
(b) Arachnophobia.
(c) Claustrophobia.
(d) Dromophobia.

15. Tris says in Chapter 30 that the Abnegation faction always said that what emotion “blinds people to the truth of what they are”?
(a) "Jealousy."
(b) "Retribution."
(c) "Desire."
(d) "Pride."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks Tris to test her and Tobias’s genes in Chapter 17?

2. What street is described as just beyond the Hancock building in Chapter 7?

3. Whose blood is described as being smeared on Tris and Christina’s clothing in the beginning of Chapter 7?

4. What is the factionless symbol described as in Chapter 2?

5. What was Edith Prior’s identity before she claimed that name?

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