Allegiant Short Essay - Answer Key

Veronica Roth
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1. Who is the narrator of Allegiant? How does the narrative perspective of the story change?

Beatrice Prior, known in the series as “Tris,” is the protagonist of the novel. In the previous two novels of the trilogy, Tris was the sole narrator. In Allegiant, however, the narrative perspective transitions back and forth (by chapter) between Tris’s and Tobias’s points of view.

2. What is the setting established in the first chapters of the novel? What is the time period in which the story takes place?

Allegiant and the other novels within the Divergent trilogy take place in a futuristic Chicago, Illinois. In this world, set many years or centuries in the future, Chicago is walled-in from the outside world and is divided into five factions based upon the qualities of the individuals within them.

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