Objects & Places from Allegiant

Veronica Roth
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This faction, to which Tris’s family belonged, is meant for the selfless.


This faction is represented by individuals who demonstrate bravery. This is the faction that Tris joined after her aptitude test.


This faction consists of individuals who spend their time in pursuit of knowledge. Tris’s brother joined this faction after his aptitude test.


This faction consists of individuals who believe honesty is the most important trait. Christina came from a family within this faction.


This faction consists of individuals who work to maintain peace and harmony.


This term in the novel refers to an individual who exhibits equal aptitude for multiple factions and is therefore less easily predicted and controlled.

The Sears Tower

Also known as the Hub, this is the building that housed the Dauntless faction’s training grounds and headquarters.

Choosing Day

This formal event takes place...

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