Allegiant Character Descriptions

Veronica Roth
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This protagonist in the novel was born into the Abnegation faction and was revealed to be Divergent. In Allegiant, she is offered a chance to explore the world outside the boundaries of the city.


This character, previously known in the series as “Four,” is the love interest of the protagonist and the son of the factionless leader of the city in the beginning of the novel.


This character is the protagonist’s brother. He previously left his Abnegation family to join the Erudite faction. In Allegiant, he betrays his sister.


This character is the protagonist’s father and was an important leader in the Abnegation faction. He was killed protecting his daughter.


This character is the protagonist’s mother. She was born into the Dauntless faction but later changed to Abnegation. She died trying to protect her daughter.


This character was a...

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