All Things Wise and Wonderful Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the incident James dreams about when first in London with the RAF.

He dreams about the incident with Blossom, Mr. Dakin's old cow, who is supposed to be sent to the fatstock market but runs back to her stall and Mr. Dakin decides to let her stay.

2. Describe Lord Hulton and the situation James faces with his sow who has a prolapsed uterus.

Lord Hulton is a marquis who is constantly fiddling with his pipe. James is dismayed at the prolapsed uterus because he had lost three other pigs with the same condition; however he successfully gets the uterus back in the pig and inserts a few sutures.

3. Describe Mr. Grover, Herriot's dentist in Darrowby and Hector McDarroch the dentist James went to as a child in Glasgow.

Mr. Grover is gentle and is careful not to instill fear in James. Hector McDarroch was was a big, good-natured man but used primitive dental equipment such as a foot-operated drill and didn't care how much pain he inflicted on his patient.

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