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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 35 - 38.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tristan make for every meal when Siegfried makes him cook?
(a) Eggs and ham.
(b) Porridge and bacon.
(c) Eggs and toast.
(d) Sausage and mash.

2. To what location are the RAF men marched every day for shooting practice?
(a) To the crest of Cherry Hill.
(b) To the beach of the town.
(c) To the top of Castle Hill.
(d) To the athletic field of Waynesboro.

3. Who is Charlie?
(a) Hulton's prize horse.
(b) Hulton's favorite dog.
(c) Hulton's prize pig.
(d) Hulton's farm foreman.

4. What does Herriot's flying instructor say is "very good indeed, really masterly" about Herriot's first solo flight?
(a) His quick return to the flying field.
(b) The fact that he found his way back after being lost.
(c) The smooth landing.
(d) The "side slip".

5. Where is the Flying School that James is sent to?
(a) Weatherton.
(b) Windshire.
(c) Windsor.
(d) Weatherley.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which farmer who James visits to treat one of the animals has a very soft voice, almost a whisper?

2. Early in his veterinary practice how many dogs traveled everywhere with Siegfried in his car?

3. How many children does the policeman who adopts the stray dog have and what are their sexes?

4. What does Hulton give James to eat and drink after James had successfully operated on the mother pig?

5. What color is Nellie the big cow?

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