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Village in the Yorkshire Dales where Herriot practices veterinary medicine.

Skeldale House

The name of the home owned by Siegfried Farnon where Siegfried, James, Helen, and Tristan live.

Propolmidine Cream

An antibiotic cream that Herriot often prescribes, a name that Lord Hulton can never remember.

Fatstock Market

Where animals are taken when they are no longer productive, where they can be boiled down into useful components.

Foot Operated Dentist Drill

A dental object that has terrified James from his childhood.


Royal Air Force.


Herriot's military rank in the RAF.

Charcoal Biscuits

Remedy suggested by Siegfried to help Cedric the Boxer's unbelievable gas problem.


Lit and put through the surgery letter box as a prank by Wesley Binks.


The office and waiting room where the vets see patients brought in by their owners.


A deadly poison that will burn horn buds off a...

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