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Lesson 1

Objective: In Chapter 1, Mr. Dakin realizes his old 12-year-old cow, Blossom, is no longer of any use and decides to have her taken away to the fatstock market. She wanders away from the man taking her to be slaughtered and back to her stall. The students will discuss the relationship some of the Yorkshire farmers have with their farm animals and how money is not always the most important thing.

1) Class discussion: Have the class discuss the first indications of Mr. Dakin's affection for Blossom. What does he reminisce about?
What physical condition is she in now? What does the class learn about James from his recounting of the incident? How does his
description of the farmer, farm and Blossom help the students to understand the eventual outcome of the story? Which part of the story of Blossom and Mr. Dakin is the most touching to the...

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