All Things Wise and Wonderful Character Descriptions

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James Herriot

The narrator and main character of the book, a compassionate veterinarian in northern England who is a newlywed and enlists in the RAF.

Siegfried Farnon

The Senior Partner and owner of the veterinary practice in Darrowby.

Tristan Farnon

A young veterinary student who prefers to spend time at Drover's Pub and in the company of young women rather than studying or practicing veterinary medicine.

Helen Harriot

The new wife to James, a small country vet.

Mr. Dakin

A farmer with a cow named Blossom, both quiet and patient.


Mr. Dakin's old cow who insisted on coming home.

Jack Dodson

Man who picks up animals for the fatstock market.

William George Henry Augustus

The 11th Marquis of Hulton, a gentleman farmer.


Lord Hulton's farm foreman.

Hector McDarroch

Sadistic military dentist known as the Butcher.


Boxer with a problem of constant and excessive flatus.

Mrs. Rumney

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