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Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Herriot uneasy about taking a blood sample from Monty?

2. What made survival for the Dalby family especially difficult?

3. What was Herriot suspected of for his placement of the family pets winners?

4. What reception does Herriot receive from the lady and her poodle?

5. Where did James and Helen move to after their marriage?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Granville Bennett.

2. How does the day at the Darrowby show differ from the "pleasant day out" he expected it to be?

3. At the end of chapter thirteen, Herriot gives us a glimpse what the Darby household is like twenty years later. How are the Darbys doing twenty years later?

4. Describe how the calving goes at the Bamfords.

5. How did the shift from plow horses to tractors affect the veterinary education and practice?

6. Explain Tristan's role in sightings of the monk.

7. Explain why each of the vets battled with their conscience after seeing Clancy.

8. What is the Darrowby show that Herriot goes to officiate at?

9. Describe Herriot's visit to the Ingledew farm in chapter one.

10. What does Herriot find so difficult and horrifying about treating the cows for husk at the Darby farm?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Several times during the book, Herriot talks about what it was like practicing in days before penicillin. Write an essay about the discover of penicillin and how it impacted the world.

Part 1. When and how was penicillin discovered?

Part 2. How did things change for the medical field due to penicillin?

Part 3. What are some treatments that are no longer used due to penicillin?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about staggers.

Part 1. What is staggers? What else is it called and who is affected?

Part 2. What are the biological roles of magnesium in the body?

Part 3. What are the symptoms and diagnosis procedure for staggers?

Part 4. What are the steps to take for prevention and cure of staggers?

Essay Topic 3

Who is James Herriot? Write an essay about the person behind James Herriot, Alf Wright.

Part 1. Write a short synopsis of the life and work of Alf Wright.

Part 2. What was the area like that he lived in? What was the nature like? Who were his neighbors and townspeople?

Part 3. What events took place in his lifetime that greatly impacted him?

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