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Short Answer Questions

1. After driving by the scene of the hauntings at night, what is Herriot surprised by when he returns to Skeldale house?

2. Where does Herriot go when he leaves the Crumps?

3. Why does Herriot end up officiating at the Darrowby show?

4. What was Herriot's opinion of horse work?

5. What was wrong with the second batch of cows on the Darby farm?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe how the calving goes at the Bamfords.

2. Describe the scholastic background of Mr. Pickersgill and how his education manifests itself at the time of the story in chapter five.

3. What is the relationship between veterinarians like Herriot and Siegried with Granville Bennett?

4. What was the experience of the stomach operation on Monty like for Herriot? Why?

5. Explain why each of the vets battled with their conscience after seeing Clancy.

6. Describe Granville Bennett.

7. What is the Darrowby show that Herriot goes to officiate at?

8. Why did Cliff Tyreman have such fondness for Badger?

9. How good is Herriot at buying furniture at house sales for the apartment? Explain your answer.

10. Explain what happened when Herriot tried to draw blood from the fully mature Monty.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about staggers.

Part 1. What is staggers? What else is it called and who is affected?

Part 2. What are the biological roles of magnesium in the body?

Part 3. What are the symptoms and diagnosis procedure for staggers?

Part 4. What are the steps to take for prevention and cure of staggers?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about epilepsy.

Part 1. What is epilepsy? What causes it and what does it look like?

Part 2. What are the historical interpretations and reactions to epilepsy?

Part 3. What management and cures are available for epilepsy?

Part 4. What is the appropriate response to a seizure?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about tetanus, also known as lockjaw.

Part 1. What is tetanus? How do people or animals get it? Who is most at risk and where is it most common?

Part 2. What are the symptoms and pathophysiology of tetanus?

Part 3. What prevention is available and what cures?

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