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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gyp's response when he sees Sweep years later?
(a) He runs to help him work sheep in the dog trial.
(b) He runs madly in circles.
(c) He has an epileptic fit.
(d) He barks.

2. What is wrong with Bonzo, the first dog that Herriot sees for the Dimmocks?
(a) He had cancer.
(b) He was hit by a car.
(c) He was suffering from neglect.
(d) He was poisoned.

3. Why didn't Herriot refuse the refills of whiskey and food?
(a) He was too hungry to bother.
(b) He enjoyed the taste too much to refuse.
(c) Granville would have taken it personally.
(d) He knew it would be a long night.

4. What chance does Herriot take before euthanizing Penny?
(a) Sedating her heavily for several days to break the cycle.
(b) Threatening to call the authorities.
(c) Doubling the dosage of the medicine.
(d) Taking her to the clinic to heal.

5. What did the A.A man say to Herriot?
(a) That driving in the snow would be too dangerous.
(b) That his tired were to bald to drive.
(c) That he would have to detour down more windy road.
(d) That the road they had driven the previous night was closed.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Carmondy get dragged?

2. What has Mr. Kitson decided to do with the dying ewe in the corner?

3. How did Mr. Partridge react to the mob of dogs?

4. What characteristic caused Colonel Bosworth to treat his animals so well?

5. What does Herriot think about the new byre that Frank Metcalf has built?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Carmondy's "hands on" experience on cases go? Give examples of what happens.

2. What does Ted Buckle do to calm Herriot down and to get the bull back in his box?

3. After Herriot and Granville attend the lecture, why is it challenging to return home?

4. Describe the byre that Frank Metcalf builds for his cows. How is it different from most local byres?

5. Explain why Mrs. Bond was displeased with Tristan.

6. Why was Herriot terrified after doing the tuberculin test on Mr. Dacre's bull?

7. Explain why Gyp, the epileptic sheep dog barks for once in his life at the sheep dog trials.

8. Mr. Bentley arrives at the surgery to ask Herriot to come out and see his cow the next day. What is he doing that is odd and why?

9. How does Herriot feel after eating at the Horners? What lasting effect does it have on him?

10. When does Herriot see Carmondy again? What happens?

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