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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 39, what trait of Helen's does Herriot discuss?
(a) Her obsession with cooking with fat.
(b) Her hard work and perserverance.
(c) Her wonderful cooking.
(d) Her strict control of his diet.

2. What does Herriot go to see Boris for?
(a) A bone stuck in his teeth.
(b) A broken leg.
(c) Vaccinations.
(d) Worms.

3. What was wrong with Mr. Thwaite's cow?
(a) She delivered her uterus.
(b) She had a broken leg.
(c) She calf was stillborn.
(d) She had a severe copper deficiency .

4. Throughout the beginning of chapter 20, what sound is present?
(a) The barking of the neighbor's dog.
(b) The ringing of bells.
(c) The laughter of children.
(d) The sound of a choir singing,

5. Why was Roland Partridge considered an unlikely character in Darrowby?
(a) He dressed unusually.
(b) He prefered cats to dogs,
(c) He refused to buy a house and lived off the land.
(d) Although his background was farming he was an artist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the A.A man say to Herriot?

2. What chance does Herriot take before euthanizing Penny?

3. Why do Herriot and Siegfried spend all night talking at the beginning of chapter 41?

4. Why was the conversation with Mr. Fryer frustrating for Herriot?

5. What dampens Herriot's spirits when he is attending the Daffodil Ball?

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