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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the beginning of chapter 15, why is Siegfried especially touchy and cantankerous?
(a) He was unsuccesful treating a dog the day before and it died.
(b) He has just been forced to give up smoking for health reasons.
(c) He has a toothache.
(d) He and Tristan had been fighting about finances.

2. What is the last thing Herriot sees at the Darrowby show?
(a) The goldfish in its bowl forgotten on a table.
(b) The cow he treated at the beginning getting into a truck.
(c) The usual officiator laughing over beer with all the farmers.
(d) Helen leaving in a fancy car with Richard while he crank starts his.

3. How does Dinah do after being treated by Granville?
(a) She dies three days later.
(b) She recovers quickly.
(c) She never fully recovers.
(d) She is hospitalized for over a week.

4. Why did Harry Sumner get Monty?
(a) Because something had been attacking his cows.
(b) To improve his herd.
(c) Because he was for sale at the fair for almost nothing.
(d) Monty was given to him because he was mean.

5. What animals does Herriot have to judge in the family pet competition?
(a) Dogs, cats, rabbits, and a fish.
(b) A wide array from Mynah birds to bulldogs to goldfish.
(c) A broad selection of dogs, mostly herding dogs.
(d) Dogs and cats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two animals does Herriot treat or diagnose at the Darrowby show?

2. What was wrong with the second batch of cows on the Darby farm?

3. What was Herriot suspected of for his placement of the family pets winners?

4. After driving by the scene of the hauntings at night, what is Herriot surprised by when he returns to Skeldale house?

5. What does Herriot feel vets are regularly called to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the rapport that Herriot has with Helen's father when he goes out to the Grange for Sunday tea.

2. Why did Cliff Tyreman have such fondness for Badger?

3. What is the Darrowby show that Herriot goes to officiate at?

4. Explain the incident and the outcome of the tumor on the cow at Mr. Kendall's. Why did Siegfried conceal what had happened and why did the others think it was funny?

5. Describe Mr. Ingledew's singing.

6. What was the experience of the stomach operation on Monty like for Herriot? Why?

7. Explain the solution Herriot finds for Mr. Pickersgill and his cow.

8. How does the day at the Darrowby show differ from the "pleasant day out" he expected it to be?

9. How did the shift from plow horses to tractors affect the veterinary education and practice?

10. Describe who Roy is and the state he is in when the inspector takes Herriot to him.

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