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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Siegfried treat Mrs. Dalby when she comes to Skeldale house?
(a) Like royalty.
(b) Coldly.
(c) With fondness and jocularity.
(d) With great empathy for the family's hardship.

2. Why was Herriot uneasy about taking a blood sample from Monty?
(a) The bull had grown and turned mean.
(b) Herriot hated drawing blood.
(c) The light was dim in the box. Herriot wasn't sure he could find a vein.
(d) Harry Sumner had no way to hold the bull still.

3. How do Herbert and the ewe end up together?
(a) The full udder was so uncomfortable the ewe liked Herbert to nurse.
(b) Herbert persisted until the ewe gave up.
(c) The ewe is too sick at first to notice it is not her lamb.
(d) The farmer ties a dead lamb skin on Herberts back.

4. What made Ben Ashby rethink getting a closer look at Harry Sumner's heifer?
(a) Ben has arthritus and couldn't make it over the fence.
(b) Monty, Harry Sumner's bull.
(c) Herriot advised him not to.
(d) No one wanted to go with him into the pasture.

5. After all the horses were gone from Harland Grange, what animal replaced them?
(a) Goats
(b) Donkeys.
(c) Sheep.
(d) Rabbits.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does it take Granville to work on Dinah?

2. Where do people report seeing the monk at night?

3. What causes Herriot concern about Jock?

4. Why did Harry say that Monty was ungrateful?

5. What does Mr. Pickersgill call mastitis?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mr. Bentley arrives at the surgery to ask Herriot to come out and see his cow the next day. What is he doing that is odd and why?

2. What happens to Frank Metcalf and his new byre?

3. Explain Tristan's role in sightings of the monk.

4. Describe Tristan's behavior while delivering a calf.

5. Describe Mr. Ingledew's singing.

6. Explain why Herriot thought it might be a good idea to sedate Penny to cure her gastroenteritis, and where he got that idea.

7. What procedure does Granville Bennett do on Dinah? How does it go? Why didn't Herriot want to do it?

8. Why is Herriot suddenly worried about money in chapter 41?

9. Describe the Dimmock family.

10. After Herriot and Granville attend the lecture, why is it challenging to return home?

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