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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Herriot and Helen go when they leave the Daffodil Ball?
(a) After a quick stop at Skeldale House, to a farm on the outskirts to see a bull.
(b) First to Skeldale House for tools and then to see a dog.
(c) After a long stop by the moonlit river, to Heston Grange.
(d) Straight to Heston Grange, Helen's home.

2. Mr. Ross is upset and wants to leave the Thwaite farm when he hears what news?
(a) Herriot has an urgent call and has to leave.
(b) His wife has gone missing.
(c) The goat died on the operating table.
(d) Marmaduke is in the barn treating the cow.

3. What does Miss Dooley, the owner of Cindy, the little pregnant dog, want from Herriot?
(a) An abortion for Cindy.
(b) A shot to make Cindy deliver her puppies.
(c) For Herriot to supervise the delivery.
(d) A health certificate for all the puppies.

4. What did the A.A man say to Herriot?
(a) That he would have to detour down more windy road.
(b) That his tired were to bald to drive.
(c) That driving in the snow would be too dangerous.
(d) That the road they had driven the previous night was closed.

5. What does Herriot go to see Boris for?
(a) A bone stuck in his teeth.
(b) Vaccinations.
(c) A broken leg.
(d) Worms.

6. Why were dogs flocking to Mr. Partridge's house?
(a) They were attracted to Percy.
(b) Mr. Partridge was feeding the strays.
(c) They were going through his trash.
(d) They were attacking Percy.

7. What was wrong with Mr. Thwaite's cow?
(a) She had a broken leg.
(b) She delivered her uterus.
(c) She calf was stillborn.
(d) She had a severe copper deficiency .

8. Why was Roland Partridge considered an unlikely character in Darrowby?
(a) He refused to buy a house and lived off the land.
(b) He prefered cats to dogs,
(c) He dressed unusually.
(d) Although his background was farming he was an artist.

9. Which of the following best characterizes Herriot's opinion of Carmondy at the end of their acquaintance?
(a) He thought he was intolerable.
(b) He thought he was comical.
(c) He was tired of his attitude.
(d) He liked him.

10. What job do Herriot and Siegfried do for Walt Bennett?
(a) Geld a colt.
(b) Saving a colicing horse.
(c) Remove a tumor from a horse's eye.
(d) Treat an abscess in an old workhorse.

11. Why do Herriot and Siegfried spend all night talking at the beginning of chapter 41?
(a) They have a lot of business they need to discuss.
(b) Siegfried is leaving for the Air Force the next day.
(c) Helen is staying at her parents.
(d) They haven't seen each other in weeks.

12. What does Siegfried tell Herriot his check is for?
(a) Compensate for a clerical error from some tuberculin testing.
(b) Siegfried is buying a third of Herriot's share in the business for Tristan.
(c) It is Siegfried's wedding present.
(d) Siegfried just wants to help out.

13. What has Gyp never done in his life?
(a) Run.
(b) Work sheep.
(c) Chase cars.
(d) Bark.

14. How does Carmondy get dragged?
(a) He tries to catch a sheep.
(b) Holding onto a roped steer by himself.
(c) Holding onto the car when the brakes give out.
(d) He falls of a horse.

15. What does Siegfried do to get even with Walt Bennett?
(a) Turns him into the authorities for animal abuse.
(b) He charges him ten pounds for a job that usually costs one or two.
(c) Lets his dog bite him.
(d) Ridicules his horse to a group in a pub.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Mr. Kitson decided to do with the dying ewe in the corner?

2. What holiday is Herriot about to celebrate in chapter twenty?

3. What does Herriot come to realize over time?

4. What is Tristan's response to having his foot stepped on by a cow?

5. How does Herriot feel about eating fat on meat?

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