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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herriot think about the new byre that Frank Metcalf has built?
(a) It shows Frank's inexperience.
(b) It is a perfect reflection of all the local byres.
(c) It will never work.
(d) It is the future of dairy farming.

2. Why does Mr. Dacre's bull pin Herriot against the boards?
(a) To scratch and itch.
(b) His head was tied and he couldn't get to Herriot with his horns.
(c) Because Herriot poked him with a needle.
(d) He was happy to see him.

3. What did the A.A man say to Herriot?
(a) That he would have to detour down more windy road.
(b) That the road they had driven the previous night was closed.
(c) That his tired were to bald to drive.
(d) That driving in the snow would be too dangerous.

4. How do Frank's cows get sick?
(a) From a new cow Frank bought at market.
(b) The pasture was contaminated.
(c) Nobody knows.
(d) The byre was unsanitary.

5. How does Mr. Wiggin use more of Herriot's time than Herriot feels is necessary?
(a) By trying to lasso all the cows for an injection.
(b) By making him walk to a barn far away.
(c) By talking to him incessantly.
(d) By cuddling each cow before allowing Herriot to inject them.

6. What does Miss Dooley, the owner of Cindy, the little pregnant dog, want from Herriot?
(a) For Herriot to supervise the delivery.
(b) An abortion for Cindy.
(c) A health certificate for all the puppies.
(d) A shot to make Cindy deliver her puppies.

7. Throughout the beginning of chapter 20, what sound is present?
(a) The barking of the neighbor's dog.
(b) The laughter of children.
(c) The ringing of bells.
(d) The sound of a choir singing,

8. How late is Herriot by the end of the afternoon?
(a) He is under a half hour late.
(b) He has time to spare.
(c) He is three hours late.
(d) Not at all - he makes it just on time.

9. How does Carmondy get dragged?
(a) Holding onto the car when the brakes give out.
(b) He tries to catch a sheep.
(c) Holding onto a roped steer by himself.
(d) He falls of a horse.

10. Why does Mrs. Bond ask Herriot not to bring Tristan back?
(a) Boris took an instant disliking to him.
(b) Tristan flirted with her daughter.
(c) Tristan got all the cats riled up chasing Boris.
(d) Tristan was rude to her.

11. In chapter 39, what trait of Helen's does Herriot discuss?
(a) Her strict control of his diet.
(b) Her obsession with cooking with fat.
(c) Her hard work and perserverance.
(d) Her wonderful cooking.

12. Who is Sam?
(a) Helen's brother.
(b) The Fleming's bull.
(c) Helen and Herriot's beagle.
(d) A large great dane that lives in the neighborhood.

13. What do the Kirby's do that Mr. Brown does not?
(a) They apologize for getting him up early.
(b) They wish Herriot a Merry Christmas.
(c) All of the above.
(d) They offer Herriot something to eat and drink.

14. What does Carmondy ask Herriot for?
(a) Advice.
(b) Hands on experience.
(c) A referral.
(d) To stop quizzing him about diseases.

15. What condition is Helen is as Herriot plans to leave for the Air Force?
(a) She is pregnant.
(b) She is ill with pneumonia.
(c) She is devastated at his departure.
(d) She is absorbed with the work she has to do at Heston Grange.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Herriot see Tristan manage to do?

2. Why was Roland Partridge considered an unlikely character in Darrowby?

3. What state is Toby in when Herriot makes his diagnosis and takes him to Granville Bennett?

4. What reason does Herriot believe is the true reason that Mr. Wilkin sold Sweep instead of Gyp?

5. What does Herriot think is wrong with Toby, the cocker spaniel?

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