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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with Bonzo, the first dog that Herriot sees for the Dimmocks?
(a) He had cancer.
(b) He was suffering from neglect.
(c) He was hit by a car.
(d) He was poisoned.

2. Why were dogs flocking to Mr. Partridge's house?
(a) Mr. Partridge was feeding the strays.
(b) They were attacking Percy.
(c) They were going through his trash.
(d) They were attracted to Percy.

3. What mistake does Herriot make each time he visits Miss Dooley?
(a) He forgets to bring the right drugs.
(b) He misdiagnoses Cindy's condition.
(c) He arrives at the wrong time.
(d) He calls her by the wrong name.

4. How does Herriot usually catch Mrs. Bond's cats?
(a) Waiting next to the cat door and grabbing them when they come through.
(b) With a humane trap.
(c) Luring them in with tuna.
(d) Patiently calling them and coaxing them.

5. What does Walt Bennett do that angers Siegfried?
(a) Ridicule him in front of other clients.
(b) Yell at him over the phone.
(c) Doubt his competence.
(d) Mistreat a horse.

6. Which of the following best characterizes Herriot's opinion of Carmondy at the end of their acquaintance?
(a) He thought he was intolerable.
(b) He thought he was comical.
(c) He was tired of his attitude.
(d) He liked him.

7. What dampens Herriot's spirits when he is attending the Daffodil Ball?
(a) He gets called away to see a bull.
(b) Tristan is spending all his time with a girl and he's left all alone.
(c) He sees Helen dancing with Richard Edmundson.
(d) The girl he is with is loud and rude.

8. How was Richard Carmondy different from the other students?
(a) He was not afraid to do the jobs that even Herriot cringed from doing.
(b) He had an air of superiority.
(c) He did not seem at all interested in veterinary science,
(d) He was lazy and unappreciative of the favor Herriot was doing for him.

9. Who is Marmaduke "Duke" Skelton?
(a) A local animal healer.
(b) An experienced old farmer.
(c) Mr. Thwaite's cousin from the city.
(d) A retired veterinarian.

10. What does Herriot think is wrong with Toby, the cocker spaniel?
(a) Worms.
(b) Nothing, he's just a runt.
(c) Internal infection.
(d) He ate something bad.

11. What has Mr. Kitson decided to do with the dying ewe in the corner?
(a) Call the knackerman.
(b) Do everything he can to save her.
(c) Let her "take her chances" and see if she lives or dies.
(d) Butcher her that evening.

12. Where did Herriot agree to go before returning home?
(a) The Club.
(b) To Colonel Bosworth's home.
(c) To a meeting.
(d) To another surgery.

13. What did Herriot like most about having students shadow him?
(a) He enjoyed having someone to give the dirtier jobs to,
(b) Being amused by their lack of experience.
(c) He liked asking them about new advances in animal medicine.
(d) Quizzing them on veterinary knowledge.

14. How does Mr. Wiggin use more of Herriot's time than Herriot feels is necessary?
(a) By talking to him incessantly.
(b) By cuddling each cow before allowing Herriot to inject them.
(c) By making him walk to a barn far away.
(d) By trying to lasso all the cows for an injection.

15. What was caught in the throat of Mr. Kirby's goat Dorothy?
(a) Mr. Kirby's summer drawers.
(b) A mass of shredded newspaper.
(c) A tin can.
(d) A Corn-cobb pipe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What chance does Herriot take before euthanizing Penny?

2. Who did Herriot bring the animal to?

3. What does Herriot think might have caused Kitson's dying ewe to recover?

4. What is Gyp's response when he sees Sweep years later?

5. What saves Herriot from being squashed by Mr. Dacre's bull?

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