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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Does Herriot ever employ the strategy he learned from watching Tristan?
(a) Whenever he feels he needs a challenge.
(b) No, he doesn't have the courage.
(c) Only when he desperately needs to.
(d) All the time.

2. Why were dogs flocking to Mr. Partridge's house?
(a) They were attacking Percy.
(b) They were attracted to Percy.
(c) Mr. Partridge was feeding the strays.
(d) They were going through his trash.

3. What does Siegfried do to get even with Walt Bennett?
(a) Turns him into the authorities for animal abuse.
(b) Ridicules his horse to a group in a pub.
(c) He charges him ten pounds for a job that usually costs one or two.
(d) Lets his dog bite him.

4. What chance does Herriot take before euthanizing Penny?
(a) Taking her to the clinic to heal.
(b) Threatening to call the authorities.
(c) Sedating her heavily for several days to break the cycle.
(d) Doubling the dosage of the medicine.

5. What does Herriot tell Mrs. Chapman as he leaves her house the night of the Daffodil Ball?
(a) To not call him again at night unless it's an emergency.
(b) He thanks her for getting him out of the Ball.
(c) That Helen is his "young lady".
(d) None of the above.

6. Where did Herriot agree to go before returning home?
(a) To a meeting.
(b) To Colonel Bosworth's home.
(c) To another surgery.
(d) The Club.

7. What odd tools did Mr. Ross require to fix the animal?
(a) A step ladder and a ten foot rope.
(b) Carrots and the mother's milk.
(c) Ginger root and hot water.
(d) Sugar, a bottle, and a pig stool.

8. Mr. Ross is upset and wants to leave the Thwaite farm when he hears what news?
(a) Marmaduke is in the barn treating the cow.
(b) The goat died on the operating table.
(c) His wife has gone missing.
(d) Herriot has an urgent call and has to leave.

9. Who is Sam?
(a) A large great dane that lives in the neighborhood.
(b) The Fleming's bull.
(c) Helen's brother.
(d) Helen and Herriot's beagle.

10. What does Miss Dooley, the owner of Cindy, the little pregnant dog, want from Herriot?
(a) For Herriot to supervise the delivery.
(b) A shot to make Cindy deliver her puppies.
(c) An abortion for Cindy.
(d) A health certificate for all the puppies.

11. How does Herriot feel about eating fat on meat?
(a) He wishes Helen would cook with more fat.
(b) He craves it.
(c) He gets tired of it.
(d) He loathes it.

12. Throughout the beginning of chapter 20, what sound is present?
(a) The sound of a choir singing,
(b) The ringing of bells.
(c) The laughter of children.
(d) The barking of the neighbor's dog.

13. What does Siegfried tell Herriot his check is for?
(a) It is Siegfried's wedding present.
(b) Compensate for a clerical error from some tuberculin testing.
(c) Siegfried just wants to help out.
(d) Siegfried is buying a third of Herriot's share in the business for Tristan.

14. Why did Herriot stop halfway through the lethal injection?
(a) He decided to sedate the animal and try to repair it.
(b) He realized he had grabbed the wrong syringe.
(c) He was startled by Colonel Bosworth's objections.
(d) The animal had already died.

15. Why did it take so long for Herriot and Granville to reach the bar?
(a) Their were tables and chairs in their way.
(b) Harriot kept trying to steer Granville away.
(c) Granville kept running into people he knew.
(d) The crowd was too large.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Frank Metcalf do as a profession for most of his life?

2. Why is Herriot unable to comply with Miss Dooley's request?

3. What does Herriot go to see Boris for?

4. Despite his good lineage, why can't Gyp's owner breed Gyp?

5. What does Herriot think is wrong with Toby, the cocker spaniel?

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