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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Kirby's do that Mr. Brown does not?
(a) They offer Herriot something to eat and drink.
(b) All of the above.
(c) They apologize for getting him up early.
(d) They wish Herriot a Merry Christmas.

2. As Penny, the poodle with gastroenteritis, get worse and worse, what does Herriot suspect is keeping her from getting better?
(a) Neglect.
(b) Her owners feeding her too much.
(c) The medicines are old.
(d) The vicious cycle of drinking and vomiting.

3. What does Herriot think might have caused Kitson's dying ewe to recover?
(a) The antibiotics.
(b) Relief from the pain and suffering.
(c) The lamb for her to take care of.
(d) The care and love she received.

4. Why do Herriot and Siegfried spend all night talking at the beginning of chapter 41?
(a) They haven't seen each other in weeks.
(b) Helen is staying at her parents.
(c) Siegfried is leaving for the Air Force the next day.
(d) They have a lot of business they need to discuss.

5. How does Herriot feel about eating fat on meat?
(a) He gets tired of it.
(b) He wishes Helen would cook with more fat.
(c) He loathes it.
(d) He craves it.

6. What does Herriot think is wrong with Toby, the cocker spaniel?
(a) Internal infection.
(b) He ate something bad.
(c) Nothing, he's just a runt.
(d) Worms.

7. Why is Siegfried able to comply with Miss Dooley's request?
(a) He is more accomodating that Herriot.
(b) He and Miss Dooley are good friends.
(c) He has more experience.
(d) He happens to be there at the right time.

8. Why does the disease have such serious ramifications for Frank?
(a) It causes the cows to abort and not produce milk.
(b) It kills the cattle.
(c) The locals already doubted his ability.
(d) It was caused by the byre he built.

9. What was Colonel Bosworth's reason for seeing Herriot?
(a) His terrior, Emmit was not eating.
(b) His cat, Maudie was struck by a car.
(c) His collie, Sam was injured in a fight.
(d) His rabbit, Duchess was attacked by dogs.

10. Which of the following best characterizes Herriot's opinion of Carmondy at the end of their acquaintance?
(a) He thought he was intolerable.
(b) He thought he was comical.
(c) He was tired of his attitude.
(d) He liked him.

11. What did Herriot like most about having students shadow him?
(a) He enjoyed having someone to give the dirtier jobs to,
(b) He liked asking them about new advances in animal medicine.
(c) Being amused by their lack of experience.
(d) Quizzing them on veterinary knowledge.

12. Why was the conversation with Mr. Fryer frustrating for Herriot?
(a) Mr. Fryer was constantly busy so Herriot couldn't get him to commit to a time.
(b) Mr. Fryer would not stop cursing while explaining what was wrong.
(c) Mr. Fryer was consistently vague with his answers.
(d) Mr. Fryer's voice was high pitched and sometimes hard to understand.

13. What odd tools did Mr. Ross require to fix the animal?
(a) Carrots and the mother's milk.
(b) Sugar, a bottle, and a pig stool.
(c) Ginger root and hot water.
(d) A step ladder and a ten foot rope.

14. What job do Herriot and Siegfried do for Walt Bennett?
(a) Geld a colt.
(b) Remove a tumor from a horse's eye.
(c) Saving a colicing horse.
(d) Treat an abscess in an old workhorse.

15. What dampens Herriot's spirits when he is attending the Daffodil Ball?
(a) He gets called away to see a bull.
(b) The girl he is with is loud and rude.
(c) He sees Helen dancing with Richard Edmundson.
(d) Tristan is spending all his time with a girl and he's left all alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Richard Carmondy different from the other students?

2. How did Mr. Kitson make the delivery that Herriot performs much more difficult?

3. What does Siegfried tell Herriot his check is for?

4. Why was Mr. Biggins reluctant to ask Herriot to look at his cow?

5. What saves Herriot from being squashed by Mr. Dacre's bull?

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