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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herriot get caught picking up at the surgery?
(a) A new hoof knife.
(b) A jug of ale.
(c) Helen.
(d) A wad of cash.

2. Who is Mrs. Donovan?
(a) A woman who fancies herself an animal doctor.
(b) A nosy old lady.
(c) An old gypsy.
(d) All of the above.

3. What causes a cloud to darken Herriot's day a the Darrowby show?
(a) Helen is walking around with Richard Edmundson.
(b) He realizes he won't be getting paid for the job.
(c) Nobody wants his help or advice.
(d) The usual officiator keeps telling him what to do.

4. What happens to the ewes that causes one to lose her babies?
(a) They are chased by a dog.
(b) They catch a virus.
(c) They drink contaminated water.
(d) They go hungry.

5. Where did James and Helen move to after their marriage?
(a) The third story of the Skeldale House.
(b) A small cottage on the edge of town.
(c) Into a flat next door to the clinic.
(d) Onto Helen's family property.

6. Why does Herbert not have a mother?
(a) His mother is sickly and the farmer removed him.
(b) She died giving birth.
(c) None of the above.
(d) She rejected him at birth.

7. Why was Herriot uneasy about taking a blood sample from Monty?
(a) The bull had grown and turned mean.
(b) The light was dim in the box. Herriot wasn't sure he could find a vein.
(c) Harry Sumner had no way to hold the bull still.
(d) Herriot hated drawing blood.

8. How was Badger's death significant to Harland Grange?
(a) He was the only stallion.
(b) He was every worker's favorite horse.
(c) He was the last work horse.
(d) He was their only prized show horse.

9. How does Herbert stay alive without a mother?
(a) An old ewe lets him nurse with her babies.
(b) He fends for himself eating grass.
(c) He nurses off random unsuspecting ewes.
(d) The farmer feeds him.

10. How does Siegfried treat Mrs. Dalby when she comes to Skeldale house?
(a) With great empathy for the family's hardship.
(b) Coldly.
(c) Like royalty.
(d) With fondness and jocularity.

11. What was Herriot suspected of for his placement of the family pets winners?
(a) Being biased against rabbits.
(b) Taking bribes.
(c) Giving first place to the squire's son.
(d) Awarding prizes to his clients.

12. What animals does Herriot have to judge in the family pet competition?
(a) A wide array from Mynah birds to bulldogs to goldfish.
(b) Dogs and cats.
(c) Dogs, cats, rabbits, and a fish.
(d) A broad selection of dogs, mostly herding dogs.

13. Who is Richard Edmundson?
(a) All the above.
(b) A wealthy young man.
(c) Another suitor to Helen.
(d) The son of local famer and good friends of Helen's family.

14. What do Granville and Herriot do while waiting for Dinah to wake up?
(a) Eat and drink.
(b) Make a call to treat a cow.
(c) Discuss animal care.
(d) Place bets on race horses.

15. What made Ben Ashby rethink getting a closer look at Harry Sumner's heifer?
(a) Monty, Harry Sumner's bull.
(b) Herriot advised him not to.
(c) No one wanted to go with him into the pasture.
(d) Ben has arthritus and couldn't make it over the fence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What animal does Herriot place first in the Family Pets competition?

2. What could Herriot do medicinally for the cattle with husk?

3. Who is Granville Bennett?

4. Why does Herriot suspect that Mr. Pickersgill is the cause of the problem with his cow's mastitis?

5. What was especially difficult about Herriot's purchase at the auction house?

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