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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herriot learn about the Bamfords the day after he goes there?
(a) They lost a cow because he didn't make it there in time.
(b) They often hosted people leaving the Crumps.
(c) There were ruthlessly against drinking and alcohol.
(d) They thought he was homeless.

2. What is husk, the first ailment that afflicted the Darby cattle?
(a) General symptoms of neglect.
(b) A virus spread through bad water.
(c) A deficiency caused by malnutrution.
(d) Small worms that get into the bronchial tubes.

3. Why was Herriot uneasy about taking a blood sample from Monty?
(a) The bull had grown and turned mean.
(b) The light was dim in the box. Herriot wasn't sure he could find a vein.
(c) Harry Sumner had no way to hold the bull still.
(d) Herriot hated drawing blood.

4. What does Mr. Pickersgill call mastitis?
(a) Them masticks.
(b) Bagtitis.
(c) Felon.
(d) Hot udder.

5. What made survival for the Dalby family especially difficult?
(a) They had a huge family and a supported others that couldn't work.
(b) They weren't from the area and so didn't know the land well.
(c) A horrible accident that had crippled the father, Billy.
(d) The death of Billy Dalby, the father.

6. What animal does Herriot place first in the Family Pets competition?
(a) The goldfish.
(b) The mynah bird.
(c) A tabby cat.
(d) The labrador.

7. How easy does Herriot find it to diagnose the second batch of Darby cattle?
(a) He still does not know what was wrong with them.
(b) He knows almost immediately that it is going to be just as bad.
(c) He has no idea what is wrong the first two times he sees them.
(d) It takes him a long time because he has to do several tests.

8. Where do people report seeing the monk at night?
(a) On a hill close to an old abbey.
(b) On the moor.
(c) Walking in the hallways of the church.
(d) Crossing the town square.

9. In chapter one, Herriot returns to bed after a long night out. Where was he?
(a) Delivering a lamb at the Ingledew farm.
(b) Rescuing Mr. Ingledew's injured horse.
(c) Out drinking with Mr. Ingledew.
(d) Stuck at a social gathering at the Ingledew farm.

10. How was Badger's death significant to Harland Grange?
(a) He was the only stallion.
(b) He was their only prized show horse.
(c) He was the last work horse.
(d) He was every worker's favorite horse.

11. What takes Herriot to the Alderson homestead in chapter seven?
(a) A sick cow.
(b) His car broke down nearby.
(c) He was following up on an animal Siegfried had treated.
(d) Helen invited him to Sunday tea.

12. Why does Herriot suspect that Mr. Pickersgill is the cause of the problem with his cow's mastitis?
(a) Mr. Pickersgill milks the cow very roughly.
(b) Mr. Pickersgill in always inventing new "vitamins" for the cow.
(c) Mr. Pickersgill beds the stall so deeply it chaffes the cow.
(d) Mr. Pickersgill constantly sprays chemicals in the barn.

13. How does Dinah do after being treated by Granville?
(a) She recovers quickly.
(b) She is hospitalized for over a week.
(c) She never fully recovers.
(d) She dies three days later.

14. What made Ben Ashby rethink getting a closer look at Harry Sumner's heifer?
(a) Ben has arthritus and couldn't make it over the fence.
(b) Monty, Harry Sumner's bull.
(c) Herriot advised him not to.
(d) No one wanted to go with him into the pasture.

15. What form of self indulgence has Herriot developed over his time as a country vet?
(a) None of the above.
(b) He insists on warm water even when the weather is warm.
(c) He occasionally stops and just lies in the sunshine when he's on his rounds.
(d) He carries a jug of ale in the car for after especially challenging calls.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused the eventual disappearance of the draught horse?

2. Why does Herbert not have a mother?

3. What two animals does Herriot treat or diagnose at the Darrowby show?

4. How is peace restored to Jock's life?

5. Why is communication with Joe Mulligan difficult?

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