All Things Bright and Beautiful Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. In chapter one, Herriot greatly appreciates a benefit of his wife and married life. What is it?

In chapter one, Herriot returns after getting very cold delivering lambs on a cold windy night. He says as a single man he would often spend hours awake after returning from such a call trying to warm up, but the warmth of his wife causes him to warm up quickly and fall asleep right away.

2. Describe Herriot's visit to the Ingledew farm in chapter one.

Herriot is called out in the middle of the night to help a ewe having trouble delivering. It is extremely cold and he waits outside in the cold while Mr. Ingledew, who is slightly inebriated, slowly gets ready by the fire. They search for the ewe in a dark pasture and finally find her. Herriot has to remove his shirt to deliver the lamb and gets colder still. Furthermore, the warm water is knocked over and he has to scrub with ice water from the trough. In the meantime Mr Ingledew is comfortable and seemingly oblivious to the hardship to the vet.

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