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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 45-48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Herriot's opinion of horse work?
(a) "The simplest and most pleasant work we are handed."
(b) "The roughest and most arduous part of our life."
(c) "The most dangerous and thrilling work for a vet."
(d) "The bleakest and least studied part of our field."

2. Why do Herriot and Siegfried spend all night talking at the beginning of chapter 41?
(a) Siegfried is leaving for the Air Force the next day.
(b) Helen is staying at her parents.
(c) They haven't seen each other in weeks.
(d) They have a lot of business they need to discuss.

3. What job do Herriot and Siegfried do for Walt Bennett?
(a) Remove a tumor from a horse's eye.
(b) Saving a colicing horse.
(c) Geld a colt.
(d) Treat an abscess in an old workhorse.

4. What does Herriot see Tristan manage to do?
(a) Not show any signs of pain while working with a broken wrist.
(b) Get invited to three different dinners in the same day.
(c) Get a farmer to feed him tea while delivering a calf.
(d) Get farmers to sneak bottles of whiskey into his car.

5. What does Jeff Mallock, the knackerman, say is wrong with the calves?
(a) Stagnation of t'lungs.
(b) Failure of the kidneys.
(c) A curse.
(d) Stress.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Richard Carmondy on a call with Herriot?

2. Why did it take so long for Herriot and Granville to reach the bar?

3. What would Cliff do after he fought with his wife?

4. What does Herriot have to return on schedule from the afternoon calls for?

5. Why does Mr. Dacre's bull pin Herriot against the boards?

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