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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 45-48.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was Mr. Bentley acting strangely?
(a) He was talking to Herriot through an imaginary telephone.
(b) He did not respond to Herriot until Herriot began yelling.
(c) He was dressed in his pajamas to call on the vet.
(d) He was crawling on his hands and knees.

2. What response does Mrs. Crump have to Mr. Crump offering Herriot some of his wine?
(a) She warns Herriot that it is terrible.
(b) She encourages Herriot to try some of everything.
(c) She tells him not to pester people by offering it.
(d) She is offended and leaves.

3. What dampens Herriot's spirits when he is attending the Daffodil Ball?
(a) Tristan is spending all his time with a girl and he's left all alone.
(b) He gets called away to see a bull.
(c) He sees Helen dancing with Richard Edmundson.
(d) The girl he is with is loud and rude.

4. How do Frank's cows get sick?
(a) The byre was unsanitary.
(b) The pasture was contaminated.
(c) From a new cow Frank bought at market.
(d) Nobody knows.

5. How is peace restored to Jock's life?
(a) He figures out he can outsmart the puppies.
(b) The puppies are sold.
(c) He stops chasing cars.
(d) He finds a short cut that makes him win.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Herriot thinking of when he tries this last tactic to cure Penny?

2. What does Herriot feel vets are regularly called to do?

3. Why is Siegfried able to comply with Miss Dooley's request?

4. What does Miss Dooley, the owner of Cindy, the little pregnant dog, want from Herriot?

5. Why does the disease have such serious ramifications for Frank?

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