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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 27-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is husk, the first ailment that afflicted the Darby cattle?
(a) A virus spread through bad water.
(b) A deficiency caused by malnutrution.
(c) Small worms that get into the bronchial tubes.
(d) General symptoms of neglect.

2. What was wrong with Harry Sumner's young bull?
(a) McLuskie's Disease
(b) He went blind.
(c) He had hairball in his fourth stomach.
(d) Pneumonia

3. What flavors of wine does Herriot try at Mr. Crumps house?
(a) Dandelion, turnips, and cowslip.
(b) Parsely, clover, gooseberry, bettroot, and crabapple.
(c) Rhubarb, elderflower, blackberry, and parsnip,
(d) All of the above.

4. What does Siegfried suspect is the cause of Clancy's vomiting?
(a) A stomach tumor.
(b) He is a very old dog.
(c) Joe feeds him rotten meat.
(d) He eats every bit of trash he finds.

5. What do Granville and Herriot do while waiting for Dinah to wake up?
(a) Eat and drink.
(b) Discuss animal care.
(c) Place bets on race horses.
(d) Make a call to treat a cow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What phrase does Mrs Donovan repeat to Herriot for years?

2. What did Herriot like most about having students shadow him?

3. How do Herbert and the ewe end up together?

4. Who is Marmaduke "Duke" Skelton?

5. Why is communication with Joe Mulligan difficult?

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