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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 18-19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Badger?
(a) He broke his leg jumping a fence.
(b) He went blind.
(c) He developed lockjaw.
(d) He was retired from plowing and died of old age.

2. What would Cliff do after he fought with his wife?
(a) Go to the stables and spend the night with the horses.
(b) Disapear for a few days and return as if nothing had happened.
(c) Make her sleep outside.
(d) Throw himself into his work.

3. What animals does Herriot have to judge in the family pet competition?
(a) Dogs and cats.
(b) A broad selection of dogs, mostly herding dogs.
(c) Dogs, cats, rabbits, and a fish.
(d) A wide array from Mynah birds to bulldogs to goldfish.

4. What caused the eventual disappearance of the draught horse?
(a) A mass outbreak of equine diseases.
(b) Their replacement with mules.
(c) The invention of the tractor.
(d) The disapearance of family farms.

5. What is husk, the first ailment that afflicted the Darby cattle?
(a) Small worms that get into the bronchial tubes.
(b) A virus spread through bad water.
(c) General symptoms of neglect.
(d) A deficiency caused by malnutrution.

Short Answer Questions

1. After chastising Herriot and Tristan, how successful is Siegfried at examining Clancy?

2. What animal does Herriot place first in the Family Pets competition?

3. Where does Herriot go when he leaves the Crumps?

4. Who is Richard Edmundson?

5. What delightful occurrence makes Herriot forget his discomfort while out for a moment in chapter one?

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