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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harold Ingledew do that keeps his neighbors awake?
(a) None of the above.
(b) Do his repair work at night on full moons.
(c) Keeps his lambing pens near his neighbors house.
(d) Sing loudly when he's drunk.

2. What happens to the ewes that causes one to lose her babies?
(a) They drink contaminated water.
(b) They go hungry.
(c) They catch a virus.
(d) They are chased by a dog.

3. Where did James and Helen move to after their marriage?
(a) The third story of the Skeldale House.
(b) A small cottage on the edge of town.
(c) Into a flat next door to the clinic.
(d) Onto Helen's family property.

4. What phrase does Mrs Donovan repeat to Herriot for years?
(a) "Don't you wish you knew my secrets?"
(b) "Haven't I made a difference to this dog?"
(c) "Old remedies are the best remedies."
(d) "Stick to livestock."

5. What causes Herriot concern about Jock?
(a) Jock takes racing very seriously.
(b) All of the above.
(c) Jock no longer seems to have fun chasing cars.
(d) Jock's puppies are Jock's equal in speed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was wrong with the second batch of cows on the Darby farm?

2. Why does Herriot suspect that Mr. Pickersgill is the cause of the problem with his cow's mastitis?

3. Who or what does Herriot end up prescribing a solution for that also cures the mastitis of Mr. Pickersgill's cow?

4. How do Herbert and the ewe end up together?

5. Which of the following could be used to describe Granville Bennett?

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