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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who or what does Herriot end up prescribing a solution for that also cures the mastitis of Mr. Pickersgill's cow?
(a) Olive.
(b) The cow's dull coat.
(c) Mr. Pickersgill's back.
(d) The odor in the barn.

2. What caused Herriot discomfort during chapter one?
(a) Mr Ingledew's inappropriate stories.
(b) The mud.
(c) The extreme cold.
(d) Being the outsider in a local gathering.

3. What could Herriot do medicinally for the cattle with husk?
(a) An operation.
(b) An injection.
(c) Pump a vitamin syrup into their stomachs.
(d) Very little beyond worming them.

4. What does Herriot purchase in the auction house?
(a) A twenty-four volume set of the the geography of the world.
(b) A large rug for the living room.
(c) An old set of outdated medical tools.
(d) A weaving loom.

5. What do Helen and Herriot need that he is designated to pick up at house sales?
(a) Linens.
(b) Decor for the walls.
(c) Basics for the house like chairs and rugs.
(d) Antiques to give as gifts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Siegfried chastise Herriot and Tristan for in chapter six?

2. What is husk, the first ailment that afflicted the Darby cattle?

3. How long does it take Granville to work on Dinah?

4. How easy does Herriot find it to diagnose the second batch of Darby cattle?

5. What takes Herriot to the Alderson homestead in chapter seven?

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