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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What phrase does Mrs Donovan repeat to Herriot for years?
(a) "Haven't I made a difference to this dog?"
(b) "Old remedies are the best remedies."
(c) "Stick to livestock."
(d) "Don't you wish you knew my secrets?"

2. How easy does Herriot find it to diagnose the second batch of Darby cattle?
(a) He still does not know what was wrong with them.
(b) He has no idea what is wrong the first two times he sees them.
(c) It takes him a long time because he has to do several tests.
(d) He knows almost immediately that it is going to be just as bad.

3. What delightful occurrence makes Herriot forget his discomfort while out for a moment in chapter one?
(a) A taste of Mrs Ingledew's pie.
(b) The birth of a new lamb.
(c) The farmer's hearty welcome and thanks.
(d) The sight of a cow he saved the year before.

4. What made survival for the Dalby family especially difficult?
(a) They had a huge family and a supported others that couldn't work.
(b) The death of Billy Dalby, the father.
(c) A horrible accident that had crippled the father, Billy.
(d) They weren't from the area and so didn't know the land well.

5. Who is Richard Edmundson?
(a) Another suitor to Helen.
(b) The son of local famer and good friends of Helen's family.
(c) A wealthy young man.
(d) All the above.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Herbert not have a mother?

2. What is Jock's favorite thing?

3. What was especially difficult about Herriot's purchase at the auction house?

4. What animals does Herriot have to judge in the family pet competition?

5. What takes Herriot to the Alderson homestead in chapter seven?

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