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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12-14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Herriot suspected of for his placement of the family pets winners?
(a) Being biased against rabbits.
(b) Taking bribes.
(c) Giving first place to the squire's son.
(d) Awarding prizes to his clients.

2. What reception does Herriot receive from the lady and her poodle?
(a) They both glare at him hostilely.
(b) The lady is appalled that the poodle likes Herriot.
(c) The poodle tries to hide behind the lady, who says he never does that.
(d) They both look at him with sweet, dewey eyes.

3. What does Herriot learn about the Bamfords the day after he goes there?
(a) They lost a cow because he didn't make it there in time.
(b) They thought he was homeless.
(c) There were ruthlessly against drinking and alcohol.
(d) They often hosted people leaving the Crumps.

4. What response does Mrs. Crump have to Mr. Crump offering Herriot some of his wine?
(a) She encourages Herriot to try some of everything.
(b) She tells him not to pester people by offering it.
(c) She is offended and leaves.
(d) She warns Herriot that it is terrible.

5. What does Mr. Pickersgill call mastitis?
(a) Hot udder.
(b) Them masticks.
(c) Felon.
(d) Bagtitis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused Herriot discomfort during chapter one?

2. What is the last thing Herriot sees at the Darrowby show?

3. What is wrong with the cow that Herriot and Helen's father go to treat?

4. Why are Herriot and Tristan reluctant to fully diagnose Clancy?

5. Where did James and Helen move to after their marriage?

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