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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23-26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition are the second group of young cows in that Herriot goes to see at the Dalby farm?
(a) Clearly very sick and thin,
(b) Robust and energetic.
(c) Coughing uncontrallably.
(d) Lethargic and feverish.

2. Who did Herriot bring the animal to?
(a) Siegfried.
(b) Colonel Bosworth.
(c) Tristan.
(d) Granville Bennett.

3. Why did Harry Sumner get Monty?
(a) Because he was for sale at the fair for almost nothing.
(b) Monty was given to him because he was mean.
(c) Because something had been attacking his cows.
(d) To improve his herd.

4. Why did Herriot stop halfway through the lethal injection?
(a) He was startled by Colonel Bosworth's objections.
(b) He decided to sedate the animal and try to repair it.
(c) He realized he had grabbed the wrong syringe.
(d) The animal had already died.

5. What does Herriot feel vets are regularly called to do?
(a) To step open-eyed into dangerous situations.
(b) To influence farmers to treat their animals better.
(c) Answer general questions about animal husbandry.
(d) To keep a safe distance from any unruly animal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Herriot uneasy about taking a blood sample from Monty?

2. What would Cliff do after he fought with his wife?

3. What was the challenge measuring ponies at the Darrowby show?

4. After all the horses were gone from Harland Grange, what animal replaced them?

5. Why was Roland Partridge considered an unlikely character in Darrowby?

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