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Skeldale House - This is the home where James and Helen Herriot live. It is also the location of Herriot's veterinary clinic.

Four Horse Shoes - This is a bar where many of James' clients drink.

Ladies Hands - The farmers who call for Herriot to deliver their ewes say they need this object because they are small enough to work inside the sheep and cause them minimum discomfort.

Bismuth Suspension - This is the medicine Siegfried, Tristan and Herriot give Clancy to help with his vomiting.

Heston Grange - This is the farm where Helen lives with her parents before she and Herriot are married.

A Monstrous Tweed Cap - Mr. Crump gives this to Herriot on the night they drink together. Throughout his process of birthing the Bamford's calf, the family replaces this each time it falls.

An Unusual Pair of Forceps - It is...

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