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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-3)


This lesson is to introduce Alf Wright and learn about the place and time he lived in. Alf Wright lived from 1916 to 1995 and worked in Yorkshire.


1. Preparatory activity: Divide the class into groups. Assign a group to each of the following topics in regards to Alf Wright or Yorkshire during the early twentieth century for research and a presentation: biography of Alf Wright, history of Yorkshire, political atmosphere and events of the early twentieth century, social structure and primary methods of livelihood, and geography.

2.Group work: Give the groups time to organize in class.

3.Homework: Research and prepare the information on the topic assigned to your group.

4.Class activity: Give the groups some time again in class to organize the information gathered and prepare their presentation. Have the groups present their information and listen to the findings of other groups.

5.Lecture and Class discussion: Recap...

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