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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who carries John Grady out of the prison yard after the fight?
(a) Rawlins
(b) Perez's man
(c) Perez
(d) A guard

2. Why does Blevins say he is unable to walk?
(a) His leg is broken
(b) His feet are busted up
(c) He has no boots
(d) He's too weak

3. What time is John Grady told to return for a meeting with the Senora?
(a) Nine o'clock
(b) Ten that evening
(c) Noon
(d) Ten the next morning

4. What does John Grady confess to the judge after the hearing is over?
(a) That he is a runaway
(b) That he killed a boy while in prison
(c) That the horse really is not his
(d) That he wants to go home

5. What is the first thing John Grady buys in Los Picos?
(a) A jacket
(b) A steak
(c) A bucket
(d) Oats

6. Who does John Grady say must have paid their way out of prison?
(a) Blevins
(b) Alejandra
(c) Alejandra's godmother
(d) Don Hector

7. Where is the hotel John Grady and Rawlins stay on their first night out of prison?
(a) Castela Street
(b) Aldama Street
(c) Alamedia Street
(d) Cabella Street

8. The day John Grady reaches San Buenaventura, he sees some children. What are they playing?
(a) They are splashing in the water.
(b) They are playing tag.
(c) They are playing cards.
(d) They are playing baseball.

9. Who is the first of the three to be taken to the Captain for questioning the day after John Grady and Rawlins' arrival?
(a) John Grady
(b) Blevins
(c) Rawlins
(d) All three

10. What does the Captain tell John Grady they know about Rawlins from his confession?
(a) That he is a criminal named Smith
(b) That he shot several men along with Blevins
(c) That he told John Henry's role in his crimes
(d) That he helped steal horses

11. What is the name of the town where John Grady and Rawlins stop with their captors?
(a) Palau
(b) Encantada
(c) Mexico City
(d) Saltillo

12. For what city does Rawlins buy a bus ticket?
(a) Mexico City
(b) Nuevo Laredo
(c) El Paso
(d) San Angelo

13. How does Blevins say he recovered his gun?
(a) Slipped into a house and took it
(b) He doesn't say
(c) A man gave it to him
(d) Snatched it from a man's belt

14. How many shots do John Grady and Rawlins hear when Jimmy Blevins is shot?
(a) None
(b) Four
(c) Two
(d) One

15. Why does Perez say he chooses to remain in prison?
(a) He has a good life
(b) He is respected in the prison
(c) He can't find a way to escape
(d) He has political enemies

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does John Grady sleep his first night on the road?

2. What kind of drink is John Grady given while he's recuperating from his knife wounds?

3. John Grady passes up the offer of a bed one night and sleeps in a grove of trees. What is in the road the following morning?

4. What does John Grady use to cauterize the gunshot wound in his thigh?

5. What does John Grady buy with the last of the money he has at Los Picos?

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