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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the town where John Grady and Rawlins stop with their captors?
(a) Saltillo
(b) Encantada
(c) Palau
(d) Mexico City

2. What did the Senora study in school?
(a) Biology
(b) Botany
(c) Mathematics
(d) Sociology

3. Why does Rawlins say he has a gun with him?
(a) He doesn't say
(b) To hunt game
(c) For protection
(d) For sentimental purposes

4. What excuse does Alejandra say she'll give in order that she can leave to meet John Grady a day ahead of her planned arrival at the ranch?
(a) That she has family business
(b) The her aunt is ill
(c) That she is to be married
(d) The she is sick

5. What decision does John Grady make as he prepares to leave Mexico?
(a) That he will not leave his horse
(b) That he just wants to go home
(c) That he wants justice for Blevins
(d) That he will not leave

6. What does Blevins pull from his boot and give John Grady and Rawlins just before he is killed?
(a) A knife
(b) An address
(c) A letter
(d) Money

7. What does John Grady have for dinner with the Reverend and Mrs. Blevins?
(a) Chicken soup
(b) Chicken and dumplins
(c) Chicken and dressing
(d) Chicken and rice

8. What color dress is Alejandra wearing when she arrives at the station to meet John Grady?
(a) Yellow
(b) Blue
(c) Red
(d) Pink

9. Where does Emilio Perez live?
(a) In a large cell on the ground floor
(b) In a house on the prison grounds but apart from the prisoners
(c) In the cell next to John Grady and Rawlins
(d) Just outside the prison

10. Where is John Grady shot?
(a) In the leg
(b) In the side
(c) In the shoulder
(d) In the hand

11. Where does John Grady say his country is?
(a) He says he does not know.
(b) He says it is Mexico.
(c) He says it is wherever he can find horses.
(d) He says it is Texas.

12. What do the farm workers give John Grady to make his ride more comfortable?
(a) Their hats
(b) Food
(c) A seat
(d) Their bundles

13. What are the first things John Grady and Rawlins buy with the money Jimmy Blevins gave them?
(a) Protection
(b) A bar of soap and a candle
(c) A knife
(d) A bar of soap and can of tomato soup

14. In what room does John Grady meet with the Senora?
(a) Her suite
(b) The dining room
(c) The kitchen
(d) The parlor

15. Why does Blevins say he is unable to walk?
(a) His feet are busted up
(b) He has no boots
(c) He's too weak
(d) His leg is broken

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice are John Grady and Rawlins given upon arriving in the tiny hut where they are held prisoner?

2. The day John Grady reaches San Buenaventura, he sees some children. What are they playing?

3. What does John Grady use to cauterize the gunshot wound in his thigh?

4. Where does John Grady sleep his first night on the road?

5. What kind of vehicle does John Grady ride in almost the entire day after parting from Alejandra?

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