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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Captain tell John Grady they know about Rawlins from his confession?
(a) That he helped steal horses
(b) That he shot several men along with Blevins
(c) That he told John Henry's role in his crimes
(d) That he is a criminal named Smith

2. What is in the envelope John Grady is given after the knife fight?
(a) A letter
(b) A bus ticket
(c) A pardon
(d) Money

3. The day John Grady reaches San Buenaventura, he sees some children. What are they playing?
(a) They are splashing in the water.
(b) They are playing baseball.
(c) They are playing tag.
(d) They are playing cards.

4. How many days do John Grady and Rawlins travel as captives?
(a) One
(b) Four
(c) Three
(d) Two

5. What refreshment are John Grady, Rawlins and Blevins given when they stop in Ocampo?
(a) Lemonade
(b) Water
(c) Cider
(d) Orange soda water

6. Why does the Captain tell Rawlins to pull down his pants?
(a) To be tortured
(b) A guard wants the pants
(c) He does not say
(d) To check for a birthmark

7. Who does John Grady say must have paid their way out of prison?
(a) Blevins
(b) Alejandra's godmother
(c) Don Hector
(d) Alejandra

8. What does Blevins say he believes will happen to him?
(a) He will be shot by a firing squad.
(b) He will be sent ot the penitentiary.
(c) He will be returned to his parents.
(d) He will be hanged.

9. What color dress is Alejandra wearing when she arrives at the station to meet John Grady?
(a) Pink
(b) Red
(c) Blue
(d) Yellow

10. What is the fate of the Captain?
(a) His fate is never revealed.
(b) He passes out and John Grady leaves him behind.
(c) John Grady hands him over to the authorities.
(d) The men kill him.

11. How long does John Grady realize he has been gone from La Vega?
(a) Seven weeks
(b) Seventeen days
(c) Twelve days
(d) Nine weeks

12. What does the charro hand John Grady as John Grady is riding out of the stable yard with the Captain?
(a) A knife
(b) His hat
(c) The reins to Blevins' horse
(d) A pistol

13. Where do John Grady and Rawlins discover Blevins worked after they parted?
(a) Reforma
(b) Mexico City
(c) He doesn't say
(d) Palau

14. How many farm workers are picked up near Paredon?
(a) Five
(b) Four
(c) Sixteen
(d) Fifteen

15. How does John Grady leave the city?
(a) Walking
(b) Flatbed truck
(c) Bus
(d) Horseback

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the first things John Grady and Rawlins buy with the money Jimmy Blevins gave them?

2. What is the injury the Captain suffers?

3. What is the first thing John Grady buys in Los Picos?

4. How long had Abuela worked for John Grady's family?

5. What is the name of the hotel where John Grady waits for Alejandra?

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