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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What color is the barn where John Grady works with the horses?
(a) Red
(b) Brown
(c) Green
(d) White

2. What information does the lawyer tell John about his mother and father?
(a) That they are still married
(b) That they have his best interests at heart
(c) That they are divorced
(d) That they don't have to give him any part of the ranch

3. Where do John Grady and Rawlins wait out the thunderstorm?
(a) Under wide tree limbs
(b) Under the edge of a rock overhang
(c) In a cave
(d) Under the roots of a tree

4. What trick does Rawlins perform that makes the little Mexican girls laugh?
(a) Pretends to pull his finger off and put it back on
(b) Pretends to pull off their noses
(c) Pulls a quarter from behind their ears
(d) Falls off the bench

5. What does Blevins have in his possession the morning after the thunderstorm?
(a) A boot and hat
(b) Boots and a shirt
(c) A boot
(d) A pair of boots

6. Who is Duena Alfonsa?
(a) Don Hector's sister
(b) Don Hector's illegitimate daughter
(c) Alejandra's grand aunt and godmother
(d) Alejandra's caregiver

7. How do Rawlins and John Grady cook the first rabbit they kill on their trip?
(a) On a rock next to the fire
(b) In a hole under the fire
(c) In a bed of coals
(d) On a spit over a fire

8. What do John Grady and Alejandra have to drink during the intermission at the dance?
(a) Water
(b) Listos
(c) Cider
(d) Lemonade

9. What is the gift his father gives John?
(a) A new horse
(b) A new truck
(c) New boots
(d) A new saddle

10. What kind of horses are in the painting in the dining room, according to John's grandfather?
(a) Wild horses
(b) Painted horses
(c) Picturebook horses
(d) Arabian horses

11. What is the name of the town where John and his father go on their final horseback ride?
(a) San Angelo
(b) Robert Lee
(c) General Grant
(d) Robertsville

12. Who is it that stops John and asks if they can be friends just before he leaves San Angelo?
(a) Cathy Martin
(b) Martha Agnes
(c) Mary Elizabeth
(d) Mary Catherine

13. Why do Rawlins and John tell the young Mexican they are fleeing?
(a) They killed a man.
(b) They robbed a bank.
(c) They stole two horses.
(d) They do not say.

14. How many horses are in the pen at the ranch?
(a) Thirteen
(b) Fifteen
(c) Fourteen
(d) Sixteen

15. What is the general conversation when John Grady and Rawlins take their seats at the dinner table their first night on the ranch?
(a) Why John Grady and Rawlins are in Mexico
(b) Plans for the following day's work
(c) Horses, cattle and America
(d) There is no conversation at the table

Short Answer Questions

1. How many days does John Grady say it will take to rough break the horses?

2. What color are the boots Rawlins buys in town?

3. How old does John Grady tell Don Hector he is?

4. What kind of horses does Don Hector say he intends to raise?

5. Who is in the photograph on John's grandfather's desk?

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