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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old does John Grady say Rawlins is?
(a) Fourteen
(b) Sixteen
(c) Seventeen
(d) Eighteen

2. What do the three drink at the small store in Reforma?
(a) Ale
(b) Apple juice
(c) Cider
(d) Whiskey

3. What is the gift his father gives John?
(a) A new saddle
(b) A new truck
(c) A new horse
(d) New boots

4. What kind of horses does Don Hector say he intends to raise?
(a) Race horses
(b) He doesn't say
(c) Quarterhorses
(d) Thoroughbreds

5. Rawlins asks whether a person can believe in heaven without believing in hell. What is John Grady's response?
(a) That a person can believe whatever he wants
(b) Yes
(c) That he doesn't know
(d) No

6. What is the name of the man who travels to America to pick up Don Hector's new thoroughbred?
(a) Roberto
(b) Armando
(c) Pico
(d) Antonio

7. Where does the kid say he is headed when he first encounters John Grady and Rawlins?
(a) Langtry
(b) Reforma
(c) Pumpville
(d) El Paso

8. What does Don Hector reveal about plans for Alejandra?
(a) That she is to be sent to France
(b) That she is to remain in Mexico City
(c) That she is to be sent to America
(d) That she is to be married to a wealthy landowner

9. Where are John and Rawlins headed?
(a) San Angelo
(b) Santa Fe
(c) San Antonio
(d) Mexico

10. Which direction are John Grady and Rawlins taken after their arrest?
(a) West
(b) South
(c) North
(d) East

11. Who is watching John Grady and Rawlins as they continue working on the horses after lunch?
(a) No one
(b) About twenty cowboys
(c) About twenty men, women and children
(d) Only the ranch owner and foreman

12. What clue do John Grady and Rawlins have that Don Hector is near their camping place in the mountains?
(a) The sound of horses
(b) The sight of a campfire
(c) The sound of talking
(d) The sight of greyhounds

13. Where do John Grady and Rawlins wait out the thunderstorm?
(a) Under wide tree limbs
(b) In a cave
(c) Under the edge of a rock overhang
(d) Under the roots of a tree

14. Why do Rawlins and John tell the young Mexican they are fleeing?
(a) They do not say.
(b) They stole two horses.
(c) They robbed a bank.
(d) They killed a man.

15. What day does John Grady and Rawlins begin breaking the horses?
(a) Saturday
(b) Sunday
(c) Monday
(d) Tuesday

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the hotel where John sees his mother?

2. Who is it that stops John and asks if they can be friends just before he leaves San Angelo?

3. What is the name of the town where John and his father go on their final horseback ride?

4. What is the name of John's family attorney?

5. What information does the lawyer tell John about his mother and father?

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