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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Rawlins and John tell the young Mexican they are fleeing?
(a) They stole two horses.
(b) They killed a man.
(c) They do not say.
(d) They robbed a bank.

2. What is the name of the boy John Grady and Rawlins share a drink with before entering the dance?
(a) Alejandro
(b) Blevins
(c) Roberto
(d) Eduardo

3. How does John Grady say the man named Julius Ramsey killed a lion?
(a) Killed it with his bare hands
(b) Shot it
(c) Hit it with a rock
(d) Climbed a tree and knocked it out for the dogs to kill

4. The Mexican woman gives John Grady and Rawlins a lunch after they leave her home. What do they carry the lunch in?
(a) A bag
(b) A box
(c) A cloth
(d) A bucket

5. What kind of horses are in the painting in the dining room, according to John's grandfather?
(a) Picturebook horses
(b) Arabian horses
(c) Wild horses
(d) Painted horses

6. How much money do Rawlins and John Grady bet on their impromptu race on the Sunday they go into town?
(a) A dollar
(b) They don't bet
(c) Fifty dollars
(d) Fifty cents

7. How many horses are in the pen at the ranch?
(a) Sixteen
(b) Fifteen
(c) Thirteen
(d) Fourteen

8. What is the book Don Hector asks if John Grady has read?
(a) Horses and Breeding
(b) Horse and Man
(c) Horse of America
(d) Horse of Mexico

9. How many horses do John Grady and Rawlins bring from the mountains on what would be their final trip before their arrest?
(a) Eleven
(b) Nine
(c) Seven
(d) Eighteen

10. What does Antonio call the new stud horse?
(a) Padre bueno
(b) Wonderful beauty
(c) Caballo padre
(d) Beast

11. Where are John and Rawlins headed?
(a) Santa Fe
(b) Mexico
(c) San Antonio
(d) San Angelo

12. How old does John Grady tell Don Hector he is?
(a) Sixteen
(b) Fourteen
(c) Eighteen
(d) Seventeen

13. How long does John Grady say he would like to stay in Mexico working with cattle?
(a) He doesn't say
(b) Until his mother sees reason
(c) A year or so
(d) About a hundred years

14. What is it that the waitress calls everyone?
(a) Sweetie
(b) Dude
(c) Darlin'
(d) Doll

15. Who does John Grady say is the leader?
(a) John Grady
(b) Both
(c) Neither
(d) Rawlins

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is it that stops John and asks if they can be friends just before he leaves San Angelo?

2. What day does John Grady and Rawlins begin breaking the horses?

3. Which direction are John Grady and Rawlins taken after their arrest?

4. Where does Alejandra attend school?

5. What piece of furniture is described in some detail as being in the hallway of the ranch house?

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