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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the boys next see Blevins' pistol?
(a) In a man's back pocket
(b) In the front seat of a car
(c) On the ground
(d) In the saddlebags of his horse

2. What is the name of the eatery where John and his father share a meal?
(a) The Eagle Cafe
(b) The Range Restaurant
(c) The Eagle Diner
(d) The St. Angelus Restaurant

3. What is the name of the man who goes along with John Grady and the others into the mountains as a cook?
(a) Antonio
(b) Luis
(c) Vasquez
(d) Lamar

4. What was the original purpose of the room in which John Grady and Don Hector play a game?
(a) A chapel
(b) A dining room
(c) A bedroom
(d) A parlor

5. Where does Alejandra attend school?
(a) La Vega
(b) Mexico City
(c) Reforma
(d) La Purisima

6. Rawlins asks whether a person can believe in heaven without believing in hell. What is John Grady's response?
(a) No
(b) That a person can believe whatever he wants
(c) That he doesn't know
(d) Yes

7. What is the general conversation when John Grady and Rawlins take their seats at the dinner table their first night on the ranch?
(a) Plans for the following day's work
(b) Horses, cattle and America
(c) There is no conversation at the table
(d) Why John Grady and Rawlins are in Mexico

8. What are the three wearing as they cross the Rio Grande?
(a) Underwear
(b) Their hats
(c) Jeans and boots
(d) Boots and underwear

9. What is NOT among the clothing items John Grady and Rawlns buy on their trip into town?
(a) Socks and underwear
(b) Shirts and pants
(c) Gloves
(d) Jackets

10. What is the name of John's family attorney?
(a) Floyd
(b) Francis
(c) Franklin
(d) Fitzgerald

11. What kind of horses does Don Hector say he intends to raise?
(a) Thoroughbreds
(b) He doesn't say
(c) Quarterhorses
(d) Race horses

12. How much land is in the la Purisima ranch?
(a) Eleven hundred hectres
(b) Eleven thousand acres
(c) Eleven thousand hectres
(d) Eleven hundred acres

13. What does Antonio call the new stud horse?
(a) Beast
(b) Padre bueno
(c) Caballo padre
(d) Wonderful beauty

14. Where are John and Rawlins headed?
(a) San Antonio
(b) Mexico
(c) San Angelo
(d) Santa Fe

15. What horse does John Grady say sired all those in the corral?
(a) Little Black
(b) Joe Black
(c) Black Joe
(d) Little Joe

Short Answer Questions

1. How many horses do John Grady and Rawlins bring from the mountains on what would be their final trip before their arrest?

2. Where does the kid say he got his gun?

3. What do the boys use for a fire on the last night before they reach the ranch?

4. Where does Blevins wait out the thunderstorm?

5. Where does the kid say he is headed when he first encounters John Grady and Rawlins?

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