All the Pretty Horses Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. It is noted that John's grandfather has the distinction of being the first to die in a particular way. What was that way?

Many died on the ranch but John's grandfather was the only one to die in bed.

2. What does the attorney tell John about the family ranch?

John has no say in what happens to it and that the ranch is not a paying proposition. He also says that John's mother has made up her mind to sell and is not likely to change it.

3. Why does John's father say John's mother returned to them when John was a child?

He says that John's mother returned only for John's sake.

4. List at least six of the items John Grady and Rawlins buy at the small store near the Mexican border.

John Grady and Rawlins buy baloney, cheese, a loaf of bread, mayonnaise, crackers, vienna sausages, koolaid, bacon, beans, cornmeal and hot sauce.

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