All the Pretty Horses Character Descriptions

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John Grady Cole - He is the main character who leaves Texas and travels to Mexico after the ranch he grew up on is sold.

Lacey Rawlins - He is seventeen-years-old, the childhood friend and fellow traveler of the main character.

Jimmy Blevins - He is the "kid" who shot a wallet that was thrown in the air.

Alejandra - She is the beautiful daughter of Don Hector Rocha y Villareal. She lives on the ranch where the main character first finds employment in Mexico.

Duena Alfonsa - She is the grand aunt and godmother to Alejandra who attempts to explain Alejandra's traditions and values to the main character.

The Captain - He is the man who kills Blevins in cold blood.

Perez - He is a political exile and prisoner in the Mexican prison in Saltillo and the man who explains that it will take...

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