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Chapter 1

• John Grady Cole's grandfather dies, leaving the ranch to John's mother who sells it.

• John takes a last horseback ride with his father who is dying.

• John hitchhikes to San Antonio where he sees his mother in a play but does not approach her.

• John Grady and his friend, Lacy Rawlins, leave on horseback headed for Mexico.

• John Grady and Rawlins encounter a young boy who says his name is Jimmy Blevins.

• Blevins is an excellent shot and joins up with John Grady and Rawlins.

• Blevins hides during a storm and loses his horse, gun and clothes.

• Blevins finds his horse and steals it back, separating from John Grady and Rawlins with the promise to meet up at some future point.

• John Grady and Rawlins get a job at a ranch.

Chapter 2

• John Grady and Rawlins work hard at the ranch and John Grady's expertise with horses...

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