All the President's Men Short Essay - Answer Key

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
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1. How are Woodward and Bernstein different?

Woodward has a college degree and is more conservative; Bernstein is wilder and never finished college.

2. What tips Woodward off at the courtroom that things are more than they seem?

The lawyer's skirting around the issues and refusal to answer real questions.

3. How do the reporters make the link from the men to the White House?

Through the mention of Howard Hunt in their notes.

4. Why do the reporters continue with the case?

There are many intriguing government ties.

5. What happens in the Nixon campaign immediately after the burglaries?

John Mitchell, campaign manager, steps down.

6. What is strange about the White House librarian's actions?

She tells the reporters that Hunt read books on Kennedy, then denies ever saying so.

7. What is different about the GAO investigation than previous investigations?

The GAO is part of Congress, not the Executive Branch of government.

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