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Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what media outlet does Ehrlichman make his denial?
(a) In a press release.
(b) On the radio.
(c) On television.
(d) In print.

2. What is the informal name of the group that included Hunt, Liddy, Young, and Krough?
(a) The Plumbers.
(b) The Carpenters.
(c) The Lifeguards.
(d) The Electricians.

3. What is the term that Deep Throat uses to describe CRP’s subterfuge tactics?
(a) Necessary Evils.
(b) Ratfucking.
(c) Games.
(d) Black Ops.

4. What is the question among reporters in the courthouse?
(a) What will the judge do next?
(b) To whom was the judge referring?
(c) What will be the outcome of the trial?
(d) Why did the judge let Woodward and Bernstein go?

5. What is the theory presented as to why the men on trial plead guilty?
(a) They anticipate a later pardon.
(b) They know they will be caught anyway.
(c) They don’t understand the legal system.
(d) They are remorseful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the Watergate burglars carrying?

2. What does the White House hope to get from the Post?

3. What does Bradlee’s statement in Chapter 9 announce?

4. What nickname did the two reporters acquire at the Post?

5. How does Sloan resemble Deep Throat in Chapter 9?

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