Objects & Places from All the President's Men

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
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CRP stands for “Committee to Reelect the President.” The committee is run by a number of men close to President Nixon, and who oversaw a variety of dirty tricks and subterfuge used on Democratic campaigns (Nixon was a Republican). It is the link between the Watergate burglars and the checks issued to CRP that the entire Watergate investigation was able to reveal greater fraud and cover-ups within the political system.

The White House

Initially insulated from the bad press haunting the CRP, the White House was soon connected to the Watergate scandal as links between White House staffers and CRP staffers became evident.

The Washington Post

A major D.C. paper published by Katharine Graham. Woodward and Bernstein wrote for the Post during their Watergate coverage.

Maurice Stans’s Safe

This safe held the “slush fund” that turned out to pay for all sorts of subterfuge, which...

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