All the Light We Cannot See Short Essay - Answer Key

Anthony Doerr
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1. What setting is introduced in Chapter 1: "Leaflets"? What leaflets are referred to in the title of this chapter?

It is August 7th, 1944 and leaflets are dropped over the houses of Saint-Malo warning people to leave their homes and head for open country. American artillery is being dropped to the east and behind them. This is the last stronghold of the Germans in World War II as they fight the Allies.

2. What is Marie-Laure doing when the bombing begins in Chapter 3: "The Girl"?

At midnight, bombers cross the channel but in a tall, slim house on rue Vauborel a blind sixteen year old girl is oblivious to their warnings. Unable to sleep, she opens the window and while the sounds of the planes are louder, there are no other sounds at all. She hears a flapping sound and finds one of the leaflets caught on the shutter. She cannot read the flyer, though.

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