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Anthony Doerr
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Twelve: 1974: Chapters 168-177 and Part Thirteen: 2014: Chapter 178.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What street is the Hotel of Bees described as being on in Part Two: 8 August, 1944?
(a) The rue Martin.
(b) The Place de la Concorde.
(c) Avenue des Champs-Elysees.
(d) The rue de la Crosse.

2. What has Marie-Laure's father been building a model of in Part Three: June 1940?
(a) A ship.
(b) Saint-Malo.
(c) A train.
(d) Paris.

3. Where does Marie-Laure LeBlanc's father work in the beginning of Part One: 1934?
(a) The Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle.
(b) Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration.
(c) Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume.
(d) Cabinet des Médailles.

4. The stone that pops out of the miniature house and into Marie-Laure's palm is described as being what size, in Part Zero: 7 August, 1944?
(a) The size of a golf ball.
(b) The size of a pigeon's egg.
(c) The size of a tennis ball.
(d) The size of a chicken egg.

5. How large has the tumor in Sergeant Major von Rumpel's throat grown when he visits the doctor in Nuremberg in Part Nine: May 1944?
(a) Five centimeters in diameter.
(b) Two centimeters in diameter.
(c) Six centimeters in diameter.
(d) Four centimeters in diameter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the cultural region in the northwest of France where Etienne's house is in the novel?

2. What term from Part Three: June 1940 refers to a psychological theory based on the belief that certain mental faculties and character traits are indicated by the configurations of the skull?

3. What does the legend of the Sea of Flames supposedly ensure for the owner of the gem?

4. What is the name of Marie-Laure's daughter in Part Twelve: 1974?

5. Where does Marie-Laure go to refill her can with water while the German is still in the house in Part Eight: 9 August 1944?

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