All the Light We Cannot See Character Descriptions

Anthony Doerr
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Marie-Laure LeBlanc

When this character is introduced in her childhood, she is a tall girl with freckles who lost her sight rapidly at the age of six. One of the last things she sees before blindness is the Natural Museum of History in Paris.

Werner Pfennig

This character and his younger sister are raised at Children’s House, an orphanage on Viktoriastrasse in Zollverein, Germany. As a child, he displays a brilliant and logical mind, teaching himself the basics of electronics by fixing a radio that they can listen to.

Reinhold von Rumpel

This character is a Sergeant Major who is forty one years of age and has a pale complexion. In the course of the novel, he learns that he has cancer and after treatments his prognosis remains grim.

Etienne LeBlanc

This character is an agoraphobic who never leaves his home in Saint-Malo. When war reaches France, he...

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